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An omn-owl:Cell has an omn-owl:ServiceEvent (e.g., omn:cell34203_20453_262_3_org_openmobilenetwork_app) comprising various parameters of a mobile service collected within the past minute. Using the property omn-owl:hasService, this omn-owl:ServiceEvent is related to an omn-owl:MobileService, ...
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Marshmallow requires that you authorize applications before reading or writing in external positions. By default, your application has write permission in cordova.file.applicationStorageDirectory and cordova.file.externalApplicationStorageDirectory, and the extension will not have ...
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Tap the Send button. The email goes on its way. FIGURE 12-8 FIGURE 12-9 FIGURE 12-10 If you tap Forward to send the message to somebody else and the original ...
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Missing steps can be found Different stakeholders can have different scenarios Time constructs can be identified Characteristics of Use Scenarios Figure 5.4 contains an example scenario based on a ...
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UIImage *image = [info objectForKey:UIImagePickerControllerOriginalImage]; [item setThumbnailDataFromImage:image]; Now that BNRItems have a thumbnail, you can use this thumbnail in ItemsViewController’s table view. In ItemsViewController.m, update tableView:cellForRowAtIndexPath:. [[cell valueLabel] setText: [NSString ...
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Record other tracks from there, or double-tap your existing tracks to copy and paste them between sections. So GarageBand may not look like a traditional mixing board or tape machine, ...
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What I like about this app is that it includes actual videos of precisely what to do to administer CPR in a step-by-step fashion. The app even asks you “yes/no” ...
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Item 1 total: 30 size: 23MB path: /var/lib severity: High issues: - issue-17 - issue-29 The output now looks a bit like structured YAML. It doesn’t matter, because after taking ...
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FIVE PhoneGap I decided that I was going to develop an iPhone app several months ago. It was the latest way to make money, so I figured, why don’t I ...
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CHAPTER FIVE: THE PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES AND ARDUINO PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE If you have a little knowledge of software, you would probably have heard of programming languages. You would have heard a ...
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* * * 1. From the iTunes File menu, choose New Playlist. 2. Locate this new playlist (it will be titled “untitled playlist”) in the Playlist column in iTunes. 3. ...
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Measuring acceleration Everyone has experienced acceleration at one point or another in their lives. It could have been when you were running downhill or even on a level ground, or ...
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We finally have a usable layout, in the resources file, pre-compiled and ready to go. How do we use it? Well, there are a few ways, some of which we’ll ...
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