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Run the following command to create a replication controller. kubectl create -f mongo-rc.yaml List the replication controllers with the following command. kubectl get rc The mongo-rc replication controller gets created ...
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def tells the program that the indented code from the next line onwards is part of the function. return is the keyword that we use to return an answer from ...
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Figure 3.1 An ORM schema for Table 3.1, including value constraints In principle, value constraints could be declared for CountryCode and CountryName, but the value lists would be very large ...
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Domain Generation Algorithms Domain generation algorithms (DGAs) are used to generate domains rapidly using seemingly random but predictable processes. Malware often depends on a fixed domain or IP addresses for ...
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Inside viewDidLoad(), fetch the data for the table view by adding the following statement under super.viewDidLoad():manager.fetch() Verify that viewDidLoad() looks like this:override func viewDidLoad() { super.viewDidLoad() manager.fetch() } Modify tableView(_:numberOfRowsInSection:) ...
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Installing and configuring the Neutron L3 agent To install the Neutron L3 agent, run the following command on the controller node: # apt-get install neutron-l3-agent Neutron stores the L3 agent ...
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Trick #6: Programming Raspberry PI 3 is also a key factor in helping beginners, even the children, learn more about the field of programming. They can use the Raspberry PI ...
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If you have no idea what specific type of podcast you want to listen to, you might want to browse through lists of popular podcasts and see which one catches ...
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Exercise 26: Writing an Application that Finds a User by Email In this exercise, you'll write an application that reads the users from a specified CSV file into a hashtable, ...
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Based on the explanation of this concept, create a test with a custom wait for this web page. The aim is to implement a custom wait, which waits for an ...
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Figure 7.10 – Certificate element – Image Alternatively, you can select a shared image. Shared images are managed centrally and act as simple repositories for assets that will be used ...
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