You Do What You Have To Do by Edward Kendrick

You Do What You Have To Do by Edward Kendrick

Author:Edward Kendrick [Kendrick, Edward]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: gay mystery action erotic romance
Publisher: Fireborn Publishing
Published: 2015-10-14T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter Five

Micky had been certain he wouldn't be able to sleep after arriving at Eldon's house. It was in a middle-class area of the city, set well back from the street and surrounded by a tall brick wall. Shades of Robin's house, and with as much security.

Wren, another of Robin's brothers, was waiting when they arrived. He told them that Falcon, the next to oldest of the brothers, was staked out at Robin's place in case he showed up there.

"You take care of each other," Micky said, stating the obvious.

"We're family. It's what we do when things look like they've gone bad," Wren replied with a brief smile as he took Micky and Alex up to the spare bedroom.

There were two beds, and after washing up, Alex curled under the covers on one of them and instantly fell asleep. Micky wasn't so lucky. He lay awake, staring into the darkness, going over everything that could have happened to Robin. He envisioned him a prisoner at Mackenzie's—being abused, and worse, by the bastard—or dead and tossed away in some secluded spot where no one but the animals would ever find him.

I don't care what he said, if anything's happened to Robin, I will kill Mackenzie, Micky vowed. He was startled at the depths of his emotions, putting them down to all he'd been through since meeting Robin—and exhaustion.

Finally, he fell into a restless, dreamless sleep, only to be awakened he didn't know how much later by someone shaking his shoulder.

Hawk stood there, a finger to his lips as he glanced at Alex's sleeping form. He handed Micky a bathrobe and when Micky put in on, led the way down to the living room.

"You've found Robin?" Micky whispered before realizing he really could talk aloud.

"Yeah. He showed up at his place. Falcon said he took one look at him and hauled him off to the hospital."

"Hell! How bad?"

"Bad. Fal told me he didn't know how Robin managed to drive home. I suspect, sheer willpower, and a need to get away from Mackenzie while he could."

Micky dropped down on the sofa, rubbing his temples. "Will he…? He's not going to die is he?"

"No. He's a tough kid."

"He's not a kid," Micky said angrily.

"True, but he is the youngest."

Micky nodded, staring at Hawk, and Wren, who had just come into the room. "He said you didn't know about what Mackenzie was…was doing to him."

"Not until now," Wren replied, his expression filled with loathing. "All we knew was that Robin was using sex to embed himself into Mackenzie's life and his household."

"That doesn't bother any of you. Or so he said," Micky spat out.

Hawk shook his head. "That's not true. It does, but—"

"If you tell me you do what you have to… I've heard that way too many times from him."

"Nonetheless it's true, Micky," Wren replied. "If it makes you feel any better—which it probably doesn't—if we'd known how sexually perverted Mackenzie was and what he's apparently been putting Robin through, we'd have pulled Robin out long before now.


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