With Abandon by J. L. Langley

With Abandon by J. L. Langley

Author:J. L. Langley
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Tags: Shapeshifters, M/M Paranormal, Source: Amazon
ISBN: 9781609282653
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Published: 2011-03-01T00:00:00+00:00

Matt tossed his backpack on the couch and stood in the middle of the living room for several minutes. Raking his hands through his hair, he stared at the closed blinds. The darkness did nothing to make him feel better. He was on edge. His skin actually crawled with it. After tossing the motorcycle keys on the end table, he picked up the window remote and opened the blinds. The view wasn’t as beautiful and peaceful as in the country, but it was still pretty cool. It didn’t improve his mood much though.

He wandered into the kitchen. Sugar made everything better. Someone forgot to tell his mom that though. Why did she act so callous? Was starting a fight with their dad in front of the younger boys really necessary? Couldn’t it wait until they were in bed? He, Logan and Chris could handle it, but the little ones didn’t understand. To them she was still Mommy. Now that she wasn’t working, Eddie even spent time with her during the day when the others were at school.

Turning on the pantry light, Matt did a halfhearted search. His dad, at least, took the arguments outside or sent everyone off for ice cream. Matt moved a box of Wheat Thins aside.

Where was Aubrey? Matt turned his head to see the clock on the microwave above the stove. 5:22. He went back to his search. Aubrey ate too healthy. All his snacks were sort of good, like granola bars, Triscuits and cashews. Where were all the chips and cookies? Matt needed chips and cookies.

Abandoning his hunt, he closed the pantry door and grabbed a water bottle out of the fridge. He snagged a pillow off the couch and parked his butt in front of the dining-room table to look out the window.

He loved it here, loved being with Aubrey. He should be happy. Why did Logan have to call and ruin his day? Matt had passed his English exam. He was getting closer to his mate. Everything was going well except now he felt guilty. He should be home to take care of his brothers. Distance was supposed to rid him of that responsibility, but it hadn’t. It only meant that he was too far away to do anything about it.

According to Logan, last night their mom had thrown a hissy fit at dinner when their dad had told her she needed to stay home. She’d thrown her fork across the table at him and barely missed Scott with it. Then she’d told Dad to go to hell and that she wanted a divorce.

Lying on his stomach, Matt folded his hands together and rested his chin on them. He pressed his forehead against the glass and closed his eyes. Mom bringing up divorce was nothing new, but the violence was escalating. More and more it was her initiating the fights instead of both of them. How could two people live like that? They were both miserable.

A honk made Matt open his eyes. He


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