Witchcraft by Genia Arthur

Witchcraft by Genia Arthur

Author:Genia Arthur [Arthur, Genia]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2020-06-12T22:00:00+00:00


I sat up in bed and felt my heart racing. I hoped that wherever Liam was that he was safe. I got the feeling that he wasn’t a threat to me. I knew that both Rose and Dianna said there was something out there I should be afraid of but I just didn’t think Liam was it. It felt more like he wanted answers - just like I did.

I tossed over the covers and groaned when I saw that it was once again 3:00 AM. This was becoming my least favorite time in the world. There wasn’t enough time to get any more rest before our meeting with Kyle so instead I got up and got ready. The plan was for Emilia to drive us and she was going to swing by my apartment at 5:00 AM to give us plenty of time to reach the diner before Kyle got there.

I made sure the shower was as hot as I could possibly stand it to try to wake myself up. As I washed my hair, I tried to get my mind to focus on Jane’s case but it kept drifting back to the problems in my own life. Liam brought up more questions than I even knew that I had.

Rose had said that my parents were attacked the night I came home from the hospital as a baby. I had assumed that meant they brought me home together but Liam made it sound like they were separated if his dad was in the picture and mine wasn’t. If that was the case, then where was my dad? Why did he leave? What happened between my parents?

I got dressed and put my phone and a few essentials in my bag. It was about time for Emilia to pick me up. I needed to get my head in the game sooner rather than later. David was right about the level of competition in the group and I could not afford to look like the weak link.

I heard a honk outside of apartment and rolled my eyes. Apparently Emilia was not the kind of girl to run upstairs and do the small chat thing over coffee when she can just sit in her car and blare the horn. I grabbed my stuff and locked up quickly so as not to keep her waiting. I liked to fly under the radar where my neighbors were concerned and honking didn’t help with that.

I gave Emilia a quick wave as I got into the passenger side of her blue SUV. “Good morning, Emilia.”

Emilia gave a weak smile and barely let me get my seatbelt on before peeling out of the parking lot to head to Scott’s place. She reminded me of one of those “don’t bother me before I have had my morning coffee” jokes that used to be on the walls of my social worker’s office. We drove in uncomfortable silence while I said a silent prayer that she would wake up some before we met up with Kyle.


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