Warui Ko no Susume v02 by Narumi Setsuka

Warui Ko no Susume v02 by Narumi Setsuka

Author:Narumi Setsuka
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2023-05-24T00:00:00+00:00

After Teacher Ookuma left my sight, there were finally no more people around. At long last, I was free to go home, and yet I was still sitting on my chair. My feet felt heavy, my heart too. It’s like I was sitting in the middle of a muddy lake. I felt disgusted. Did he really have to say all that? Yeah, I really hate to hear adults crying. It reminds me of my mother when my parents got divorced eight years ago. I know how heavy the tears of adults are. When adults cry, it means they have definitely reached their limit. Just like when they decide to get divorced and stop caring about their children.

And who was it that cornered Teacher Ookuma to such a level? It was us. Because we wanted to execute terrorism bigger than what Nanaougi could come up with, Kurumi and I have been extra aggressive this summer break. We’ve been showing our discontent with Saigou High’s worthless supplementary classes. As a result of that, Teacher Ookuma was backed into a corner like that. All she could do was cry. We brought her to the limit. I know…I know that the school is at fault and that I should laugh at it because she clearly deserves it.

We swore to get revenge on this school because of our personal grudge and twisted justice, just acting as we pleased. I still don’t think that what we’ve been doing is wrong. Teacher Ookuma also spewed insults at the students. She was the one who acted evil first. Even if there are tears being shed, it’s not something that would make us hesitate. We don’t have to falter because of that…But, I still don’t like this. What we’re doing probably isn’t some poetic justice. I should have known better to run after Nanaougi to listen in on her plans, only to end up feeling like this. This is the worst. I’m still as weak as before. My mind is filled with the desire to meet Kurumi and kiss her right away.

“…Guess I’ll go home.”

I slowly stood up and took a deep breath. On my feet, I stepped out of the room. Only then did I realize something like a boo had fallen to the ground at my feet. I grabbed it and picked it up. At first glance, it looked like a regular memo book you could buy in stores. Why is this here? Maybe someone dropped it? I’m pretty sure there should be a name on it somewhere. It won’t take much work, so I might as well return it—I turned over the first page only to instantly regret it.

“This is…”

A shiver ran down my spine. I shouldn’t have picked this up after all. Because now that I’ve seen this, I can’t just ignore it. Some memo book? Not at all—It was like I picked up the person known as Kanae Ookuma.

* * *

Against my better judgment, I took the memo book home with me and planned to show it to Kurumi.


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