Vigil’s Justice by Hunter James

Vigil’s Justice by Hunter James

Author:Hunter, James
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Shadow Alley Press
Published: 2022-08-23T00:00:00+00:00

Type: Wood

Class: Novice

A shoddy wooden comb with several broken teeth. Sometimes there is more to things than meets the eye… Sometimes there is not.


I grunted and moved on to the fabric dolly. Same deal. A Novice Class item with no secondary purpose. It was just a little kid’s toy.

All the stuff was like that—no tokens of faith or hidden magic. It was just the crap someone might store in the kitchen junk drawer. At least until I got to a creased letter on thick parchment. An invitation written in flowing calligraphy. The ink looked like molten gold and the paper itself was obviously expensive. The letter was addressed to none other than Sigge Wikstrum—douchebag alchemist and my current number one suspect—inviting him to attend a party the following evening at the manor house of Gustav Hultgren, High Magistrate of Ironmoor.

I wasn’t sure how Renholm’s Fae Sense worked—what the hell did he mean by they glimmer? I wondered idly—but I had to admit, the letter could’ve been a clue.

“Alright, maybe you’re not totally useless after all,” I said, tapping the letter against one palm. “But I have more work for you to do tonight. First, I want you to take this”—I grabbed the dolly—“and give it back to whatever poor kid you stole it from. Taking toys from little kids is A-Class asshole behavior and we’re the good guys here. Once you’re done with that, I want you to find the guy you took this from.” I held up the letter. “Sigge Wikstrum. He’s an alchemist and a grease ball and probably a murderer. At the very least he’s a dick to service people, so he’s a villain no matter what. Track him down and don’t let him out of your sight, but be careful. He saw my buddy Cal, which means he can see Etheric beings like you.”

“Of course,” Renholm said, “although I am feeling rather… famished.” His eyes darted toward my coin pouch.

“Don’t push your luck,” I said, glowering at him. “Pull your weight, don’t have sex on my stuff ever again—feel like I shouldn’t need to say that—and you might have a bonus coming your way.”


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