Unconditional Love 1 - When Love Is Not Enough by Wade Kelly

Unconditional Love 1 - When Love Is Not Enough by Wade Kelly

Author:Wade Kelly [Kelly, Wade]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00

Chapter Nineteen March 17, 2007

Jimmy loved the feel of Darian in his arms. It was a lovely way to wake up. He was very warm, despite the fact that it was March and the two of them slept with only a sheet covering them. He squeezed Darian, who responded by moving his leg higher over Jimmy's torso. Darian's knee was resting across Jimmy's dick. Hmmm... he rather liked that.

Jimmy took a deep, contented breath and smelled coffee. His dad was up! He rolled Darian to his side, and luckily the sleepyhead barely registered the shift. He hugged the pillow and sighed.

Jimmy got out of bed and slipped on a pair of jeans he snagged off the floor. He headed down the steps and greeted his dad with a hug from behind.

"Whoa, morning, Jimbo." He tried to move and hug his son back. "To what do I owe the honor of such a sappy 'good morning'?"

Jimmy heaved a sigh. "Nothing. I'm just happy." Jimmy finally let go, and his dad turned around.

Dan ran his hand over the top of Jimmy's head and smiled. "I noticed. You've been happy for a while now. I don't suppose a certain person sleeping in your bed has something to do with that?"

Jimmy leaned back in for another hug. "Oh, Dad. I love him."

Dan squeezed Jimmy. "I know, son. I know."

Jimmy sighed again and let go of his father. He took a mug out of the cabinet and filled it. "You're really cool to let him stay here overnight. I mean... I know you know that we... do stuff." As nervous as he felt in saying it, Jimmy could not stop his mouth from forming the words.

"Well, Jimbo, let me tell you something. When I was your age, I remember... doing stuff." He grinned and sat down at the kitchen table. "I remember taking my girlfriend at the time into the basement when my parents were doing who knows what. They had no idea we were... doing stuff. My parents were very naive. Anyway... whether my parents were home or not, or whether they 'allowed' it or not, didn't matter; we did what we wanted to do anyway.

"Point is.... You and I have this 'thing' between us. Call it sincerity, trust, honesty, or whatever... I gave you the talk already. I have to trust that you'll make the right decisions. Having you under my roof, instead of gallivanting around in an alley somewhere or in the back seat of your car, I feel is safer. I like Darian. He's sweet and funny, and he's completely head over heels for you. I told you before: I want you to be happy. Be happy, but be careful."

Jimmy's chest swelled. "Thanks, Dad. I will."

"Now, I would like to ask you something." Dan stood up and went to the counter. He reached up and took something off the window ledge and held it out to Jimmy. It was a small pill. "Is this yours? Cheryl found it on the living room floor the other day.


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