Troubleshooting and Repair of Diesel Engines by Paul Dempsey

Troubleshooting and Repair of Diesel Engines by Paul Dempsey

Author:Paul Dempsey
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Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
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8-21 Gerotor pump. Yanmar Diesel Engine Co. Ltd.

The clearance between the rotors and the end cover is best checked with Plasti-Gage. Plasti-Gage consists of rectangular-section plastic wire in various thicknesses. A length of the wire is inserted between the rotors and cover. The working clearance is a function of how much the wire is compressed under assembly torque. The package has a scale printed on it to convert this width to thousandths of an inch. Plasti-Gage is extremely accurate and fast. The only precautions in its use are that the parts must be dry, with no oil or solvent adhering to them, and that the wire must be removed after measurement. Otherwise it might break free and circulate with the oil, where it can lodge in a port. Typical end clearance for a Gerotor pump is on the order of 0.003 in. Of course, all rubbing surfaces should be inspected for deep scratches, and the screen should be soaked in solvent to open the pores.

Other critical specifications are the clearance between the outer rotor and the case (Fig. 8-22A) and the approach distance between inner and outer rotors (B).


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