The Twelve Stones by Johnson RJ

The Twelve Stones by Johnson RJ

Author:Johnson, RJ [Johnson, RJ]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Smashwords
Published: 2012-01-15T05:00:00+00:00

Chapter Twenty-Six

Alex and Scott sat wide eyed as Siobhan finished her tale. Scott cleared his throat and looked away. Alex pretended not to notice his friend wipe away a tear.

“You were only eleven?” Scott asked in a small voice.

“Young age to have to grow up so quick,” Siobhan replied sadly.

“It’s a tough world out there…it can wear on you quick…” Alex said, thinking of Emily, “if you let it.”

Siobhan looked out the window and continued her story.

“I traveled the world after that. I shifted my form countless times, witnessing history as it occurred.

“I was there on Columbus’s maiden voyage, a fly on the wall of Parliament during some of the most controversial first days, I watched as the Declaration of Independence was signed, stood guard over the Treaty of Versailles, and watched from the stratosphere as the first atomic bomb exploded over New Mexico.”

“There isn’t much you’ve missed, then, is there?” Scott asked dryly.

“It’s been so long since I was given the stone, I don’t think I could honestly tell you where my life began, or ends. I’ve known hundreds of lovers, famous men, civilized men, barbarians, and strangers. It’s a weird wonderful world out there, and I’ve loved every moment of it.”

“The English who destroyed your town, they never found you?” Alex asked.

She smiled knowingly, “I destroyed most of them in the initial attack. Eventually, I found them all, and they all joined their friends over the cliffs by my small seaside town.”

Alex shivered; Siobhan must have ice running through her veins, if at eleven, she was capable of killing her parent’s murderers.

He turned, looking at the speedometer on the Hypertruck. 126 miles an hour, and only a few hours away from their destination.

“It’s late,” Alex yawned. “We need some shut-eye while we can. Scott, you’ll babysit the controls overnight, right?”

Scott bristled at the suggestion, “Automatic pilot is on and running, dude; there’s no need for…”

“Just humor me, all right?” Alex interrupted. Turning back to Siobhan, he smiled. “Thanks for helping us out tonight.”

“Understand that you and I are only temporary allies while I still judge if you’re worthy of hanging onto that stone.” Her purple stone, dangling from her ear, flashed. “I get the feeling or idea you’re out to screw me and take my stone, and I will cut you up quicker than a butcher on Sunday.”

Scott frowned, leaning his head back to Siobhan, “Quicker than a butcher on Sunday? What does that even mean?”

She was looking intently at Alex, but Scott’s question distracted her. “What? No, it’s just an expression…”

“I mean, who’s to say that Sunday is any busier of a day for a butcher than any other?” Scott asked. “It’s just as likely that my family would want a nice set of ribs on Tuesday, as opposed to Sunday….although, I guess I can see buying stuff for a bar-be-que on Friday, for a Saturday or Sunday thing or whatever…”

“Scott!” Alex interjected; if he didn’t stop his friend now, he’d probably go on all night.

Scott nodded thoughtfully before continuing.


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