The Triumphant Daughter by Sarah Noffke & Michael Anderle

The Triumphant Daughter by Sarah Noffke & Michael Anderle

Author:Sarah Noffke & Michael Anderle [Noffke, Sarah]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781642021615
Publisher: LMBPN Publishing
Published: 2019-03-29T05:00:00+00:00

Chapter Twenty-One

“That prophecy is about you, isn’t it?” Sophia asked Liv as they strode down the sidewalk to Rory’s house.

Clark’s paranoia had started to get to Liv, making her look over her shoulder every so often, worried for Sophia. She’d okayed the trip with him prior to them leaving the House of Seven, as they’d agreed. When he told her to “be careful” for the fifth time, she nearly clocked him. However, now that she was out in the middle of the day with the most impressive young magician in the world, fear was setting in. If someone knew what Sophia could do, they’d… Liv couldn’t allow herself to think like that. Nothing was ever going to happen to Sophia. Liv would never allow it.

“I’m not so sure,” Liv said, wondering if she should have told Sophia so many details. However, she and Clark had agreed to be completely honest with each other, and she felt that included Sophia. If she hadn’t been so advanced for her age, Liv could rationalize keeping the truth from her, but Sophia deserved more. She’d earned it. And more than anything, Liv really did value the little magician’s opinion.

Sophia pointed to the sword on her hip, which was glamoured so mortals couldn’t see it as they passed them on the street. “Isn’t Bellator giant-made?”

“Yeah, but we have no clue how many Warriors have had a giant-forged sword.”

Sophia pursed her lips, giving Liv a skeptical expression. “Okay, but what other Warriors question the council at every turn?”

“Mom did,” Liv chirped.

Sophia nodded. “But she didn’t have a giant-made sword.”

“No, she had one specifically made for her by an elf, apparently,” Liv said, remembering seeing a sword on her mother’s hip when she strode in at night, her hair wind-swept and her eyes dazzling with adrenaline from doing whatever it was that she did as a Warrior. Inexorabilis was apparently an incredible sword that possessed many powers. The thought brought many memories rushing back to the surface: Liv watching her mother sharpen Inexorabilis in front of the fire, Guinevere regarding the sword with pride as it hung on the wall, the weapon sending a shock of electricity to Liv when she accidentally brushed against it while hugging her mother.

“She died with that sword, didn’t she?” Sophia asked.

Liv thought for a moment. “Supposedly. I wouldn’t think she’d have left it behind.”

Thinking about her mother and her sword, made everything Akio had been trying to convey to her about a Warrior’s weapon sink in.

“I bet you’re the Warrior who is supposed to rock the foundation of the House of Seven,” Sophia said as they rounded the corner to Rory’s house.

“I believe Haro said this person would shatter the foundation, not just rock it,” Liv corrected.

“Wow, you’re going to be a legendary Warrior,” Sophia said with a gasp. “Like, they’ll write tons of history books about you.”

Liv shook her head. “No, there is no history of Warriors, or really anyone in the House of Seven, remember? I’ve been searching, and


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