The Irregular at Magic High School, Vol. 14: Ancient City Insurrection Arc I by Tsutomu Sato & Kana Ishida

The Irregular at Magic High School, Vol. 14: Ancient City Insurrection Arc I by Tsutomu Sato & Kana Ishida

Author:Tsutomu Sato & Kana Ishida
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Yen On
Published: 2020-01-31T16:00:00+00:00

Retsu Kudou was already waiting in the reception room, although the current time was 5:59. Given that Tatsuya’s group wasn’t actually late, he had no intention of apologizing, and he didn’t actually feel any diffidence, either.

Faced with a most senior member of Japan’s magic world, Tatsuya’s mind and body were perfectly normal—

“Thank you very much for making time for us today, sir.”

—so normal that it was Retsu who gave a slight, pained smile at the pure, 100-percent formality.

“It has been a while. We haven’t met face-to-face since last summer, have we?”

“Yes, sir. Thank you for your advice at the time regarding the Electron Goldworm.”

“Not at all…” Hesitation appeared on Retsu’s face, but he overcame it momentarily. “Normally, I would have no obligation to appear before you, but you said you wanted to see me. I am happy we could meet again.”

“I’m much obliged, sir.”

After Tatsuya bowed, Retsu waved a hand to stop Tatsuya before he could continue the diplomatic exchange. “Shiba, you may think it self-satisfied of me, but first I’d like you to allow me to thank you. I thought through and was prepared to do what I did during the Parasidoll incident. As the defeated, I’ve no intention of making excuses, but nor do I intend to apologize. I do, however, feel sincerely sorry for causing trouble and distress for you.”

Retsu lowered his head deeply—while still sitting on the cushioned reception sofa. Tatsuya and Miyuki watched with unresisting looks; only Minami, who stood waiting behind Miyuki, glared at him with a cool, damp light in her eyes.

“I’m in no position to ask your forgiveness, but I do ask for at least this chance to apologize.”

“General, please raise your head,” answered Tatsuya, his voice sounding grateful. “Everyone has their own ideas on what is best. Even I, as young as I am, can understand a simple concept like that. I wasn’t able to tolerate what you were trying to do back then, General, but I don’t intend to reject your idea itself, that we must develop unmanned magical weapons.”

“…You do me a great service by saying so.” Raising his head, Retsu met Tatsuya’s gaze. They each peered into the other’s eyes.

It was Retsu who resumed the conversation, albeit at a delay. “I’ve heard about your business here from Kyouko,” he said. “The capture of Gongjin Zhou. This is a mission handed down by Maya—by Lady Yotsuba, yes?”

“That’s correct, sir.”

Miyuki had been standing next to Tatsuya, elegantly restrained, but inside, she reeled at the surprise. Sure, it was highly likely that Retsu Kudou knew about their circumstances—but she hadn’t predicted her brother would so easily admit to his connection with Maya.

“Would you happen to know who came to Lady Yotsuba with that request?”

“No, sir. I do not, and I believe it’s not necessary that I know.”

“Then you will accept being a playing piece for the Yotsuba?”

Retsu’s question seemed to test him—actually, it probably was a test—and Tatsuya once again said no, his poker face never changing. “Because I know it was best to keep me in the dark, sir.


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