The Glitch Fiends Part 1 by Belart Wright

The Glitch Fiends Part 1 by Belart Wright

Author:Belart Wright
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: top
Publisher: BWright Publishing
Published: 2017-03-01T00:00:00+00:00

10 Equalizers

Sam lay out on the ground, completely out of breath and surrounded by a field of rubble that was once five pain in the ass golems. Ji stood over him, looking down with her lips tightly pursed and her eyes narrowed.

“What?” he nearly yelled. “That wasn’t easy. We could’ve stopped after the second golem.”

“What would that have accomplished? You’ve still got a ways to go before you master any of the combat techniques and strategies I’ve taught you.”

Sam sat up and snorted.

“I’ve learned plenty,” he said thinking of the ways she taught him to take advantage of each golem’s uneven weight distribution, “and with the way you teach, there’s no way I can forget it. Unfortunately, I have to get moving soon so I can explore more of the land.”

“I do feel you are more capable, but there is still always more to learn.”

“Well, you may have already taught me too much,” he said holding up his Rapier and scowling. The tip of the blade had dulled from repeatedly striking golem after golem. There were also large nicks and dents now running throughout it leaving it virtually unusable in a fight and all that was while he was wearing the Armorer’s Ring. He probably would have only made it to golem number two without it.

“I may have overdone things by a small measure, I admit, but I see that you carry another weapon with you. That polearm is a better match against the enemies you’ll find here. Its length alone will give you more versatility”

“I figured that it would when I purchased it, but I have no experience using it and its weak. I’ll have to collect a lot of souls to Awaken it.”

“I can tell that you already have many souls currently at your disposal. That’s good. I have an ally in the valley who can repair your sword, a smith known as Tsurugi. Now, if you don’t have any more time to train, I can at least sell you some training guides to help you on your way.”

“What kind of training guides?” Sam asked now leaning forward.

“The guides I sell are called Stance Scrolls. They are supplemental chapters to a general combat book called the Warrior’s Dao, which I will also sell you. The scrolls I have are for the Power, Combination, and Mid stances. Each scroll teaches various techniques for each discipline. There’s enough knowledge in each scroll to help you completely transform your fighting style. It’s the best I can offer, since I won’t be able to train you once you’re gone.”

“Cool. I’ll take them all,” Sam said as he stood and dusted himself off.

“I don’t think you’re focused enough to handle all three scrolls at once. I’ll only sell you the Dao and one scroll until you show mastery over the style that you’re practicing. Once you do that, come see me for the next scroll.”

Sam snorted and shook his head. I’m being treated like a baby by another woman, and this one’s not even real.


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