Sold! by Etienne Reynard

Sold! by Etienne Reynard

Author:Etienne Reynard
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Tags: mm, contemporary, gay
Publisher: Etienne Reynard

Chapter 23

Duchy of Aragoni


At that point, I touched Winston on the shoulder and said, “Hold on just a moment.” Then I looked at the camera and said, “Mr. Witherspoon, do you have a cell phone?”

“Yes, Sir,” he said.

“Give me the number, please.”

The number was given, I repeated it back to him and he nodded.

“Okay,” I said, “I’m going to ask Dr. Rosati to take Winston someplace where he can talk in private, and I hope someone over there will do the same for you. Winston will call you on a sat phone in a couple of minutes. You guys need a little privacy, and I hope everyone is okay with that.”

“Captain Martin will take Mr. Witherspoon to an unoccupied room and he’ll be waiting for the call,” the Sheriff said.

“Thank you, Sir.” I waited while Dani wheeled a quietly weeping Winston out of the room, then I said, “Is there anything we can do over here that will be of assistance?”

“What we need to do is to build an airtight case,” the DDO said. “Most of that has of necessity got to be done here, especially when we begin to follow the money trail. That being said, George may be able to ask Mr. Martsolf questions which will make him remember things—things he might not realize that he remembers.”

“Excuse me, Frank,” George said, “but I’ve just had a thought.”

“You have my attention, George.”

“Is Agent Jorge Garcia still in your Miami office?”

“Yes, he is, but as you know, he was demoted from Special Agent in Charge back down to field agent. Why?”

“I remember what happened when he stormed into this very conference room some time back and ordered me to stop an investigation; he was a pompous little prick.”

“I can’t argue with that—I was there at the time. Where are you going with this, George?”

“As you may remember, that case was about porn and torture films, but it touched on blond men being sold into the sex slave trade, and there was an alleged State Department connection.”

“You’re right. I’d totally forgotten that, but now that I have, I also recall that we couldn’t prove anything.”

“In any case, Frank, when we were all at lunch that day, I asked Garcia about the sex slave trade, and as I remember, his knowledge of it was extensive, almost encyclopedic. I really hate to say this, but he might be able to help us ask the right questions.”

“Absolutely,” the DDO said. “When are you folks flying to Europe?”

“Clancey and I are booked on a flight from Orlando to Aragoni by way of Rome this evening,” Charles said, “and since I don’t have to be in court until next week, I can shuffle my schedule and stay there a few days if need be.”

“Then Walter and I will arrange for Captain Martin and Agent Garcia to join you in a day or two, and while I think about it, perhaps I’ll send SAC Metaxas from Jacksonville along with them. He and George have a very good working relationship, and he can ride herd on Agent Garcia, if it becomes necessary.


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