Roman (Savage Kings MC - South Carolina Book 1) by Lane Hart & D.B. West

Roman (Savage Kings MC - South Carolina Book 1) by Lane Hart & D.B. West

Author:Lane Hart & D.B. West [Hart, Lane]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Editor's Choice Publishing
Published: 2020-06-23T23:00:00+00:00

Chapter Twelve


“You live at the bar? Should’ve known…” I tease Roman after he kills the engine and backs his bike into one of the parking spots.

“Just need to have a quick word with my men,” he replies. “Won’t take long. You could wait here…” he trails off. When I don’t respond to that, he says, “But of course you’re going to want to come in. Not that I’m crazy about the idea of leaving you outside alone until we catch those fuckers.”

“You think?” I reply as we climb off and I follow him inside the bar. Just like the times before, as soon as the guys see him, they all immediately stop what they’re doing and head into the meeting room.

I fully expect Roman to shut the door in my face, but he actually leaves it open just an inch or so, allowing me to listen in.

“So, what more do we know? Do we have any leads?” he asks.

The responses are mumbled, but I get the gist of it…they’re trying to track down the men but don’t have anything concrete just yet.

“What about a sketch artist?” a voice that sounds like Verek’s asks.

“What about one?” Roman replies.

“If we could find an artist to talk to the women, they might be able to give us a better description…”

“That’s not a good idea,” I open the door wider and interject. “I don’t think any of you understand what those women have been through. Asking them to remember all the details of the men who hurt them would be cruel.”

“Charlotte,” Roman grits out in warning.

“I’m sorry, but you know I’m right about this! Please don’t subject them to torture just so you can get some black and white images that look like a million other men.”

“For now, we’ll table the sketch artist as a last resort once we run out of leads,” Roman agrees. “We’re still hoping that Danny and his guys will find their faces on a camera, which would be a lot more helpful than a drawing; or better yet, track down their tattoo artist to get a name.”

“Thank you,” I tell him, relieved that he won’t ask something so difficult from Tessa and the other victims.

“Now, will you remove yourself from our meeting, or am I going to have to do it myself?” Roman asks, his words heated because he’s obviously angry at me for interrupting.

“I’ll leave,” I agree when I pull the door almost shut, leaving it like it was before.

“All the way, Charlotte!” comes Roman’s demanding voice from the other side. While I can be stubborn, I decide not to push him farther on this. I close the door completely and then sit down on a stool at the bar to wait.


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