Mortiswood: Kaelia Awakening (Mortiswood Tales) by Gina Dickerson

Mortiswood: Kaelia Awakening (Mortiswood Tales) by Gina Dickerson

Author:Gina Dickerson [Dickerson, Gina]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2013-11-15T06:00:00+00:00

* * *

Cadence bit her lip as Kaelia shot by, catching her off-guard and spinning her around. ‘Show off!’ She smoothed her hair, flattening her sharp fringe back into place.

Calix, running at a normal speed drew into Cadence’s view. Flicking him the finger, she composed herself and prepared to stalk off.

‘Wait!’ Calix shouted. ‘Cadence, do not move!’

Cadence couldn’t be bothered to wait for Calix to reach her. She put her lips together and faced him. Splaying her hands, she sucked in a deep breath, causing the air around Calix to lift him clean off his feet and transport him directly to her. Releasing her breath, Cadence watched gleefully as Calix fell, landing with a bump.

Calix hastily jumped up, brushing himself down. ‘Thanks,’ he said sarcastically. ‘Sorry if my pathetic, norm legs weren’t working quickly enough for you.’ The translucent blue of his eyes was even clearer in the darkness. His hands shook minutely as he grabbed Cadence around the waist, pulling her to him.

‘Right, so now you think you can pull me about and I’ll give in, do you?’ Cadence pouted.

‘Stop moaning.’ Calix dipped his head, teasingly lowering his lips to Cadence’s but stopping short of touching them.

Cadence made a show of pushing at his chest without really wanting to force him away. ‘Think you can kiss me and I’ll forgive you? Well,’ she prattled on, ‘it doesn’t work that way, you can’t just click your—’

‘Shut up.’ Calix smothered her lips with his, kissing her passionately.

Melting delightedly against the firm tautness of his muscular frame, Cadence abandoned herself to him, enjoying how his strong hands explored the arch of her back before smoothing over the swell of her buttocks. ‘My room or yours?’ she purred.

Calix kissed her once more before replying. ‘Neither, I have to leave.’

‘What?’ Cadence’s face exploded into a riot of colour. ‘You’re joking?’

Calix regretfully shook his head, his hands trailing the curve of her hips. ‘I wish I was.’

This time Cadence did push him away. ‘This is to do with Kaelia, isn’t it?’

Calix sighed. ‘She’s leaving and I must go with her.’

‘Must you?’ Cadence raised an eyebrow. ‘Don’t expect me to wait around for you.’ Her face lit up. ‘I’ll come with you.’

Calix edged backwards, hands held out in a conciliatory manner. ‘I don’t think it would be a good idea. You and Kaelia can barely tolerate each other.’

‘Agreed. Stay here, with me.’

‘I really can’t. I would love to,’ Calix added hastily as Cadence’s eyes clouded over. ‘But I promised Kaelia I would go with her.’

‘To where?’

‘I can’t say.’

Cadence’s eyes narrowed. ‘There really is something going on between the pair of you, isn’t there?’

‘No, I know you won’t believe me but there isn’t. You’ll have to trust me.’

‘Will you come back?’

Calix looked away, his gaze focussing on the door back into the building. ‘I really don’t know. I’m not exaggerating. I don’t know if I’ll make it back it alive. I’m mad about you, Cadence. You infuriate the hell out of me but you make feel alive. If I don’t return, don’t ever think it’s because I forgot about you; I could never forget you.


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