Lazy Dungeon Master: Volume 11 by Supana Onikage & Youta & Quof & K. “Kitty-tama” Jordan

Lazy Dungeon Master: Volume 11 by Supana Onikage & Youta & Quof & K. “Kitty-tama” Jordan

Author:Supana Onikage & Youta & Quof & K. “Kitty-tama” Jordan
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: J-Novel Club
Published: 2020-07-14T16:00:00+00:00

# Emmymephy’s Perspective

“I say, so that was a raid event?” Emmymephy asked Rinnew while looking at the Skeleton and Gargoyle rubble in front of her.

“Yup. We didn’t even have to use wotagei this time, though. I figure there’s probably gonna be another wave coming soon. You wanna join in this time?”

“As I am a princess, I shall leave the fighting to my imperial guards.” Interesting that she would mention using wotagei for fighting. I wonder what that means? Emmymephy thought while stroking the trembling rabbit in her arms, and indeed more enemies appeared.

“Rinnew! Forty gargoyles, coming up!”

“Roger that! Take a look, Mephy. This is the true form of wotagei... C’mon, lads! Phalanx!”

“ROGER!” roared the adventurers wearing happi coats while stomping forward to the front lines and standing next to each other. Then, they readied their shields and spears. Their formation was perfect. For some reason, there were several members of the imperial guard mixed in.

“I want these feelings to reach you you YOOOU!”


Those in the phalanx stabbed their spears to the rhythm of “A Loving Rabbit’s Always Straightforward.” They were stabbing crazy fast, but not a single one of them hit any of their allies. Meanwhile, they blocked the attacks of the enemies with their shields, and rhythmically crushed all forty gargoyles. All in all, they were the very image of a well-trained ace fighter squadron.

“...S-So this is wotagei’s true form...! I-It’s so cool! And I say, they’re encouraged enough that they could join the imperial army without any further training!”

“Heh, I know, right? I forget who first brought it up, but this phalanx formation is pretty convenient. You just have to swap out the fans for shields and the glow sticks for spears to make it work in fighting a war!”

Those things all had pretty different weights, but Rinnew was adamant that they could compensate for that with ‘the power of the chosen furries.’ Ah yes, that makes perfect sense, Emmymephy agreed without thinking about it for a second.

“But still, that was a pretty big wave this time... First Skeletons and Gargoyles, then forty whole Gargoyles? I don’t think there’s ever been a raid that big.”

“Perhaps the Gargoyles wanted to hear Ichigo’s new song too!”

“Nah, I don’t think so. Funny idea though, Mephy.” Rinnew patted her head. That was pretty much the pinnacle of disrespect, but Emmymephy didn’t particularly mind it.

“So, is that the end of the raid event?”

“Nah, the rabbits are still scared, and the Safe Zone’s not regenerating. Should be safe to say there’s another wave coming,” Rinnew said. She didn’t let her guard down for a second when it came to protecting the rabbits. Her eyes were sharp.

And, as expected, the door opened again. But out came not Skeletons or Gargoyles, but thicc humans overflowing with sensuality. Is that a... hunk wearing a swimsuit? Wait, no, their chests are covered so they’re probably babes, I guess? Emmymephy wondered with a tilt of her head.

“Be careful, everyone! They’re Succubi!” echoed a loud voice.

Succubi—dangerous enemies that used {Charm} to control their enemies.


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