Last Writes by C. A. Larmer

Last Writes by C. A. Larmer

Author:C. A. Larmer [Larmer, C. A.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fiction, Mystery & Detective, women sleuths
ISBN: 9780994260826
Google: rD8LswEACAAJ
Publisher: Larmer Media
Published: 2012-11-07T08:35:48.725000+00:00

As expected, Tina Passion’s sensational murder continued to dominate the front page of David Lone’s paper, as it did the other major dailies and Internet news sites. The police had now confirmed that the erotic author had indeed met with foul play and that they were looking into all angles, including, yes, potential poisoning, but they refused to comment further until the toxicology results came back. Whenever that was.

No wonder they were asking Oliver about chemistry at high school, she thought. It must be related to the poison.

The competing newspapers, Roxy noticed, had now adopted Lone’s catchphrase and were calling this “the Snow White” murder, but Lone had moved on. He was more interested in the serial killer angle, and while the police “categorically denied” this, clearly determined to keep the public calm, David made a good case.

Today’s article included yet another break-out box featuring the similarities between all three deaths, this time, with Tina Passion in the mix. The calling card for this “third tragic murder” was, according to David, a poisoned apple and it was used to symbolize “both the romantic nature of Tina’s work (hence the link to the Snow White fairy tale) and women’s ultimate erotic sin—the handing of the forbidden fruit to Adam”.

Was he suggesting that Tina was responsible for her own murder? That her salacious, risqué content had led to this? Or was that what the murderer intended all along?

She felt a chill run through her and shuddered. In any case, David had been spot on from the start. He had insisted that Seymour Silva’s death was suspicious, and no one had listened to him. After William’s murder, he had intensified his insistence, begging people to see the connection, and again, this was largely rejected. Even Roxy, normally open-minded and unapologetically suspicious, refused to validate his fears. And now they had come to fruition. Roxy winced at the pun but couldn’t dredge up a smile.

Tina Passion was dead, and David Lone had predicted it all along. She wondered, now, whether there was any way it could have been prevented, if only people had listened to him.


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