His Forbidden Baby: An Accidental Pregnancy Romance Collection (His Secret Baby Romance Collection Book 2) by Jamie Knight

His Forbidden Baby: An Accidental Pregnancy Romance Collection (His Secret Baby Romance Collection Book 2) by Jamie Knight

Author:Jamie Knight [Knight, Jamie]
Language: eng
Format: azw3, epub
Published: 2019-10-01T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter Eighteen


Alexander’s cock was rock hard and digging into my dress. Juices coated my tight pussy, as his touch impassioned my insides with the need to have his dick rammed into me hard and fast.

I was just a virgin over 24 hours ago, but right then, on this fluffy cloud of a bed, I wanted to take care of my needs like a prostitute wouldn’t dare imagine. Stella and I had read enough magazines and gone online enough to know how things were done, and quite frankly, things were fantastic so far!

His tongue rapping at the edge of my neck brought shivers to my nipples. I could only imagine how Alexander Foster felt with his hard dick begging to get into my folds, as his grunts and moans questioned the reason to have any clothes on at all.

Digging my nails into him and taking his shirt off from the tail end while I caressed his muscular pecs made him realize the urgency of the matter, and then feeling how the stiffness in his breast muscles pulsed with his moans confirmed it for me.

He wanted me bad.

He stopped his trailing kisses and looked into my eyes, as if searching for an answer words could not find. I followed his gaze, and we both stared at our lips as the mountain wind outside the windows hollered loud, but not loud enough to get its message through the feelings we had for each other at that moment.

With one swooping motion of his arms, he flipped me over and pinned me to his lap.

“Alexander! What are you…?”

He cut me off with a silent and deadly flick of his tongue on my neck. His bulge rubbed on my thighs, and he ground up into me.

“Ooooh, Alexander…harder, baby,” I begged.

I felt his teeth on my neck. He had enormous hands that held my waist gently, and his breath was short and calculated. He turned me so that I faced away from him.

Slowly, he clenched his front teeth on my zipper and took it down bit by bit, while his dick pushed into my ass. My feet lay aimlessly to the side, and his legs caressed them with a funny pressure that made me ticklish.

“Oh Alexander… I can’t take it any more… make love to me!”

The zipper finally revealed my bare skin, and I could feel his pleasure emanate from the sight that was before him. The bra I had decided to wear that day was my favorite, and he hadn’t seen it before. It was recommended by a lady at the clothing store at the mall, and she had a wink in her eye that suggested that it would work on any man.

The purple shaded lace on my brazier had an edge to it that was sophisticated when paired with its matching thong. A thong Alex exposed quickly as he pulled my dress off my hips.

But my underthings were gone in an instant, without him even taking notice of their design. Alex was too far gone to care.


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