Grayson: A Bully Novel (Bully Series) by Morgan Campbell

Grayson: A Bully Novel (Bully Series) by Morgan Campbell

Author:Morgan Campbell [Campbell, Morgan]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2016-12-03T16:00:00+00:00

“You finally made it! I thought this kid would be here before you.”

“Sorry, I’d just fallen asleep when this one called me so it took me longer to wake up,” I say point to Hudson.

“Well, take a seat on the couch and nap because I won’t be having this kid anytime soon. I’ve been stuck at seven centimeters since I got here and they said it could still be a while.”

I look over to the plush looking couch and nod. “Okay, but wake me if something happens.”

I plop my ass down on the couch and close my eyes. The last thing I hear is Aster and Hudson murmuring to one another.

* * *

“Grayson, wake up. It’s time.”

I open my eyes to a nervous and disheveled Hudson.

“What? What time is it? How long have I been asleep?”

“You’ve been asleep for the last five hours, dead to the world. Aster is ready to push.”

I wipe a hand over my face and find myself very much awake at what he just said. “Already? I’ll get out of y’alls way.”

“No! I need you in here Gray. You’re family. I don’t have my mom or dad here to hold my hand. Besides, it’s always been us. Just the three of us. I just … I need you here with me.” I can’t say no to Aster and her pleading eyes. I look over to Hudson for confirmation and he just smiles and nods. Something inside me reacts to their approval. I don’t know if it’s because my friends are about to meet their little girl or knowing that I really am needed and wanted in some way to my closest friends but it takes all I have to not get overemotional.

The doctor walks in with her nurse. “We ready to push, mommy?” Aster nods and the doctor looks at me. “Sleeping Beauty has awakened. There was talk about you staying in here, is that the plan still?”

“I am,” I say with a wobbly voice.

“Okay then. Guys, stay there and Aster, on your next contraction, push.”

* * *

Aster is a freaking warrior. How a woman can endure the pain, drugged up or not, is beyond me. Forty-five minutes of pushing and suddenly a nine-pound baby was crying and being thrust into her arms.

We were all crying, but how could we not be? My best friends were parents and I was an uncle and godfather to the most beautiful baby girl I’d ever seen.

Now, as I sway side to side with a wide eyed little girl in my hands, I wonder if this is a life I could have had. I look to a sleeping Aster and Hudson curled together on the hospital bed.

Their life turned out exactly as they had planned. Fall in love, college, job, marriage and a family. Sure I got to experience these with them, or so they assured me, but I was an outsider looking in.

I’m okay with that. Honestly. It’s this little bundle of joy in my hands that kills me.


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