Gone But Not Goodbye (A Nathan Miccoli Mystery, Book 2) by A R Kennedy

Gone But Not Goodbye (A Nathan Miccoli Mystery, Book 2) by A R Kennedy

Author:A R Kennedy [Kennedy, A R]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2014-06-10T04:00:00+00:00


Tuesday January 5, 2010

The two-week suspension turned out to be not as bad as I feared. I hadn’t thought of Bill, the Douglases or the five cases that might, or might not, be connected.

The moment I saw the first sign marked “New York” on the highway it all flooded back. Why were they so intent on keeping me out of the 109? And why did they think Bill was associated with Agnes’ case?

I sat at my desk during a rare slow time and typed in Agnes’ name and address. Two open cases popped up. One was the burglary. I reviewed it and reread Agnes’ account of the crime. MacKenzie had signed the report. Scrolling to the top, I saw Bill was the responding officer. This was before he was promoted to detective and was still in patrol. It explained why the brothers referred to this as Bill’s case but he was never the assigned detective and never investigated the crime.

A month after the burglary Agnes had filed another police report. One for identity theft. Bill wasn’t mentioned in the case at all. This couldn’t be the case the brothers referred to.

I thought of the Douglas clan. Other than the family resemblance, Bill didn’t seem to align with his father and his brothers. His flashiness, his tailored suits, his luxury cars and vacations didn’t coincide with the others’ lifestyles. Brendan, Brady, and Brian were more like me. They drove modest cars and wore suits like mine.

Bill always seemed to act like he was above the police lifestyle. I wondered how he funded it.


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