For Love of War by Kiernan Kelly

For Love of War by Kiernan Kelly

Author:Kiernan Kelly
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: m/m romance, Novella, Fantasy/Paranormal, m/m romance, Novella, Fantasy, Paranormal, gay, glbt, romance, dreamspinner press, kiernan kelly

“You helped Ares build his iron fortress, didn‟t you? I

need to know how to get inside, without setting off his


Hephaestus nearly bit his tongue in surprise. Never had

he thought he‟d be forced to choose between Zeus and Ares.

Oh, decisions, decisions! What should I do? Help Zeus and

screw Ares, or protect Ares and fuck Zeus?

For Love of War | Kiernan Kelly


When he thought about it, he realized there really was

no question. He detested Ares, but he positively loathed Zeus

with every fiber in his being. While Ares might be a lecher,

an owner of a low sense of ethics, and a less-than-

discriminating dick, Hephaestus knew in his heart it was

true Aphrodite had been the seducer in their affair. And if

Aphrodite had chosen to spread her legs like a common

whore, then Zeus was her pimp. Even worse, Zeus had taken

up where Ares left off. “Might I ask why you need to get into

Ares‟s fortress?”

“No, you may not ask. It‟s none of your business,

blacksmith. Just tell me how to do it,” Zeus snapped.

Nice attitude from someone who wants a favor,

Hephaestus thought wryly. How typically Zeus to treat people

like unworthy dogs, and then expect them to lick his hand

instead of biting it. “There is a back door, my lord. Ares never

struck me as a trustworthy sort even before he slept with my

wife… well, I don‟t have to tell you why. You know his

reputation even better than I. I put it in without telling him

on the off chance someone from Olympus might need to get

inside someday. You could use it to enter the fortress.”

“Ares does not know of this secret entrance?”

“I never told him of it, my lord.”

“Excellent! Draw us a map, immediately.”

Hephaestus turned away, biting back a grin as he

rummaged in a nearby desk for parchment and a quill. He

quickly sketched out the perimeters of Ares‟s fortress from

memory and marked the secret entrance. He rolled up the

For Love of War | Kiernan Kelly


scroll, tied it with a thin leather thong, and handed it to

Zeus. “Here you are, my lord.”

“Good work, Heph,” Zeus said, taking the scroll. His

temper seemed to have lightened considerably (no doubt at

the possibility of destroying Ares with little or no danger to

his own precious hide), and he smiled. “Remind me to

reward you later.”

Hephaestus and Hermes exchanged a brief, knowing

look. Hephaestus knew Hermes was sharp and would‟ve read

between the lines of the story Hephaestus told Zeus. Hermes

would know Hephaestus set Zeus up and would act

accordingly to save his own ass. At least, Hephaestus hoped

so. He bore no grudge against Hermes and believed the

feeling was mutual.

Hephaestus smiled and bowed to Zeus. “It is my

pleasure, my lord. Anytime I can be of service, please don‟t

hesitate to ask.”

He meant it too. He welcomed any opportunity to stick a

big fat one up Zeus‟s pompous ass and give it a solid twist.

Hephaestus‟s smile remained long after Zeus and

Hermes left, and with good reason. He‟d been able to exact

his revenge without even uttering the smallest lie. After all,

the door had been a secret when he‟d helped Ares build his

fortress, and he‟d never breathed a word about it to Ares, not

once in all the ensuing years.


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