Filling the Void by Zenobia Renquist

Filling the Void by Zenobia Renquist

Author:Zenobia Renquist [Renquist, Zenobia]
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Tags: Romance
ISBN: 9781419948237
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc.
Published: 2013-10-24T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter Three

Evening—Lesson Learned

A dick Naomie didn’t recognize was pressed against one cheek of her ass. That was Naomie’s first thought when she opened her eyes to the darkened room. The second thought was confusion over her current whereabouts. She didn’t recognize the room, not that she could see much. The bed didn’t feel familiar and she really wanted to know who was behind her.

Naomie had impressive skin memory. She could tell anyone’s identity by the way a person fondled her, how the person kissed or how a man’s dick felt pressed against or rubbing inside her body. After the few orgies she’d taken part in while wearing a blindfold, it was a handy talent to have. At times her talent had been used as a party game to see if the men could stump her. She hadn’t lost to date but only because she’d known all the men playing.

This dick’s owner was unknown. He had an impressive piece—thick and smooth. She didn’t feel any veins, which she should since it was erect and caressing her in a slow, dry hump. The length as it slid over her ass from crown to base had her a little breathless. It was longer than Dane’s, which should be considered a crime. Or at the very least unfair to the rest of the male population. Somewhere out there was a man with barely any dick at all to offset this monster.

The owner wrapped his large, hot hand around the back of her thigh. He nudged gently, pressing his fingers into her skin and urging her to bend her knee, to move her leg forward enough to allow him access. His movements were subtle…soft, as though trying not to startle her…or wake her. He was trying to slip in—ease his tip between her pussy lips and prod her channel entrance with short thrusts until he gained entry so he could fill her to overflowing.

It was a tempting proposition. Her pussy had already started drooling over the hot sausage headed its way. If he moved his hand to the side and touched her slit, she would coat his fingers with her juices. He would know she was more than ready for his brand of intrusion. If…

“Evening, Quincy. How was work?” Naomie asked in a dry voice.

Quincy chuckled as he pressed his forehead to her shoulder. “You were awake. I thought I was being slick.”

“More like you woke me up rubbing that baseball bat over my ass.”

“Open up and I’ll show you my grand slam.” He gripped her leg and prepared to spread her thighs, all pretense of subtlety gone.

Naomie hesitated, debated. While she was thinking, Quincy released her.

He pulled away, yelling, “Ow. Ow. Ow, woman. Damn. Let go. Let go.”

Naomie rolled over and saw Mia holding Quincy by his ear. He curled around the abused appendage, which took him from Naomie and half off the bed.

Mia rambled at him in rapid Spanish while gripping his ear harder.

“Okay, okay. I get it. Let go.”

She shoved him away and then smacked his forehead with the butt of her hand.


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