Driven (Northern Waste, #1) Eve Kenin by Unknown

Driven (Northern Waste, #1) Eve Kenin by Unknown

Language: eng
Format: epub


Raina stamped her feet to get the circulation going as the first paltry rays of sunlight skimmed the ground. Her shift was almost over. She had spent the night on guard duty with Sawyer, who, despite his running conversation pretty much the entire time, was a vigilant sentry.

"So she figures there's no one in there, right? But I'm hiding behind the crate, just waiting to jump out and scare her," Sawyer said, his voice tinged with laughter, his body shifting as he scanned the perimeter. "So she backs it up and lets rip the biggest, loudest fart I ever heard.”

"What?" Raina couldn't help the snort of laughter that escaped. "She didn't.”

"Yeah. She did. And I'm standing back there, nearly knocked off my feet, wondering if I jump out and literally scare the shit out of her, or if I crawl into the woodwork and pretend the whole thing never happened.”

"Oh, God. I'll never look at Alba the same way again. So what did you do?”

Sawyer grinned. "I spent the next three weeks making farting sounds every time I saw her, and the funny thing is, she never caught on. I had to explain it to her.”

"You know, Sawyer, you deserved whatever you got." Raina shook her head. "Hiding in the dark like that.”

"Yeah—" He broke off, and his gaze shifted, hardened. "We have incoming.”

Raina squinted at the horizon, tension knotting in her belly. She focused on the dark shape, a tiny speck that grew in size as it drew nearer the encampment. She couldn't stop the hope that swelled inside her.

Within a few moments she recognized the battered truck that had followed Wizard when he left the rebel camp. Raina swallowed her disappointment as she realized that the black snowscooter wasn't anywhere in sight. From the corner of her eye, she watched the arrival of the truck even as she searched the horizon for some sign of Wizard.

She murmured the appropriate salutation to Sawyer when Jake and Alba came to relieve them, sent him a jaunty wave as he walked off. Her gaze slid to Alba, then away, and she bit back the laughter that surfaced.

After taking a few steps toward her rig, she paused to scan the flat plain, and then turned toward the center of the enclave. The driver of the truck, a man she recognized from the day of her arrival at the camp, climbed out from behind the wheel and strode around to the back. He was lean, handsome, tough, his face scarred by a jagged line that marked his jaw.

Trey. His name was Trey. She remembered that now.

He'd been gone most of the time that she'd been here so she hadn't had a chance to get to know him at all. His brown eyes swept her, flat and hard. She shivered, wondering what had scarred his face—and his soul.

He pulled down the tailgate, and a small horde of rag-swathed children tumbled out onto the frozen ground, a lop-eared mutt racing between their feet, barking sharply. Raina stared at the dog.


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