Dirty Liar by Marissa Finch

Dirty Liar by Marissa Finch

Author:Marissa Finch [Finch, Marissa]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2020-01-22T22:00:00+00:00

Once she’s made the purchase, she takes another cab home. Being out of the apartment for this long — nearly two hours, thanks to traffic — has made her anxious. When she gets back to the condo building, she can’t help but look over her shoulder. She still has the sense of being followed, but she tries to tell herself she’s just on edge as a result of her errand this morning. James won’t like it, and the thought of pissing him off makes her almost unbearably nervous. But her paranoia is stronger. She’s more afraid of a stranger breaking into their home than she is of James, who has a mind and an appetite that at least she understands.

She slips into the building, feeling furtive even though she lives there, and is relieved to see that no one else is in the lobby, no one has followed her in. She rides the elevator up to the fourteenth floor alone.

Standing outside their apartment, she’s walloped by another wave of nerves. What if there’s someone in the apartment right now?

She remains in the hallway, silent and listening. Is that movement behind the door? She presses her ear up against the cold steel and holds her breath. Yes, there’s definitely a noise coming from inside the apartment.

Lily’s body tenses with equal parts adrenalin and fear. Maybe she won’t even need the cameras. If she can catch the intruder, she can put a stop to this entire thing.

Except she’s afraid to open the door. She has no idea what she’s going to find on the other side, and she’s not so sure she wants to find out. She remembers one of the weird sex clubs James brought her to, earlier in their relationship. She wasn’t keen on the whole thing from the start, but she’d said yes because she’d say yes to anything James asked. The whole thing revolted her. All those women with their desperate eyes, the men greased up like pigs. Some of them wore costumes, masks, and one man in particular stood out to her.

He was tall, probably six foot four, and so he towered over most of the others in the playroom. He wore an executioner’s mask, black and solid, with only holes for his eyes. Lily hated him on sight, and yet her gaze was continually drawn to him. She eventually lost track of him as James led her around the room from one playmate to another. But at one point during the night, she saw him again. He still wore the mask, but now a line of blood dripped down his naked chest. The sight of that blood made her dizzy. Who did it belong to? Had he just got a bloody nose or bit down too hard on his own lip? Or did the blood belong to someone else? She never forgot that image, and sometimes, the sight of him would strike her right as she was falling asleep, jolting her into a sudden and miserable alertness.


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