Dangerous Decisions: A Wolf Creek Pack Prequel by TJ Finn

Dangerous Decisions: A Wolf Creek Pack Prequel by TJ Finn

Author:TJ Finn [Finn, TJ]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Two Strange Chicks Publishing
Published: 2020-05-13T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter Eight


Jacob heard Tessa running up the stairs the minute she had left the kitchen. It may have been three years since they’d seen each other, but he still knew her. If he didn’t get Lorna out of the house sooner rather than later, she’d find a way for her and Hannah to leave. If she left, then all the plans he’d made while he watched her sleep would have been for nothing.

“So that’s Tessa? You didn’t mention a daughter.” Lorna walked past Jacob, ignoring the dark look in his eyes, not seeing their color change back and forth between man and wolf. This woman stood between his wolf and its mate and their pup. That was a very dangerous place to be. But Jacob had to remember, though, that Lorna was human, not a wolf or subject to pack laws. She really had no clue how much danger she could be in.

Lorna poured herself a cup of coffee then turned to look at him while she took a sip. “Listen, Lorna. We said all we needed to say three days ago. You wanted more, and I told you I couldn’t give you more. You didn’t like that and made an ultimatum. I told you we were through.”

She closed her eyes a moment, setting the cup on the counter, and took a deep, shuddering breath. Opening her eyes, she looked at Jacob, tears swimming in her eyes. “All I wanted was for you to tell me you loved me. I wanted to move in, not get married. Do you recognize the difference?”

Jacob scrubbed a hand down his face then dropped into a chair at the small kitchen table where, not an hour before, he had fed and talked to his daughter. She had told him about running through the same field that he had run at her age. She couldn’t stop talking about her Uncle Sean. He would give his old friend a piece of mind once he convinced Lorna to leave and explain things to Tessa. He hoped Tessa listened better than Lorna.

Lorna sat down at the table across from him, a single tear falling down her cheek. He let out a long sigh and reached over to squeeze her hand. “Lorna, I understand that you weren’t asking for marriage but to me, to my family, it would be the same thing. Plus, I told you. There was only one woman that I would ever love the way you want me to love you.”

Lorna jerked her hand away and looked past him toward the door. “Tessa. You will never love me the way you love Tessa.”

His wolf growled low, but he pushed him down. Lorna couldn’t understand why he would never love her. She wasn’t his true mate. She didn’t have his heart. His wolf would have no other mate once he’d found his true fated mate. He had found Tessa when she was a young, gangly sixteen-year-old. From their first kiss, they’d both known, just as their wolves had known instinctively, they belonged together.


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