Christie, Agatha - The Grand Tour by Christie Agatha

Christie, Agatha - The Grand Tour by Christie Agatha

Author:Christie, Agatha [Christie, Agatha]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: HarperCollins
Published: 2012-09-27T04:00:00+00:00

The final of a boat race in Melbourne.

Love to Mont, and Madge and James and Jack and Joe and Rip AND ROSALIND!


Have sent you the ‘Herald’ with my picture in it! [see page vi]


May 10 [Wednesday]

My darling Mummy

We went yesterday afternoon to see over MacRobertson’s chocolate factory. Very interesting. All the sacks of different kinds of cocoa beans, Trinidad, Ceylon, West African, New Guinea, New Hebrides etc. The way you blend these is the great secret and art of chocolate making. They [are] roasted and passed through a machine which sorts husks from kernels, then into one that grinds them, and another that rolls the powder smooth. Some of the beans have the cocoa butter extracted (after which they are used for cocoa) and the extra butter is added to the chocolate. There are machines for stamping and cutting chocolate into cakes and for wrapping it up in waxed paper and outer wrapper. All their things are called ‘Old Gold’ and wrapped in that colour. Chocolate creams are amusing, the cream centres pass on a ‘moving stairway’ over a wire mattress arrangement that coats them underneath with chocolate and then under an arch that drips chocolate on their tops and sides and then where two drips make the wiggles on top, and lastly through a refrigerating pipe which dries and hardens them.


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