Chasm by James Bruno

Chasm by James Bruno

Author:James Bruno [Bruno, James]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fiction, Espionage, Political Corruption, Conspiracy, War Criminals
ISBN: 9781847286109
Google: xBs_b7O-9O0C
Amazon: 1847286100
Goodreads: 6465419
Publisher: Lulu Press
Published: 2006-09-03T14:00:00+00:00

As he did every day after returning from work, Ferret pulled the van up the steep driveway to his split-level — cozily concealed on a tree-enshrouded ridge. It was the serenity and relative seclusion of this house nestled in the bucolic suburban neighborhood of Carderock Springs that had caught his fancy five years previous when he and Lynette were house-hunting.

Cloris Ferret stood on the front steps. She merely watched as she wiped her hands on her apron. Ferret waved. She responded with a slight smile.

In the garage, Ferret quickly got out of the vehicle and opened the back. He checked the gas can to make sure it was sealed tight, then carefully stowed it under a blanket the family used for picnics. His eyes darted around the garage until they fell on the next item he had in mind, a long-handled shovel. This he placed neatly in the rear of the van, off to a side. Finally, he took the boys’ camping tarp, unfolded it and spread it on the floor, covering all the other items.

The Golden Retriever, Leo, galloped in and jumped up to Ferret.

“Nice boy. Good doggie, Leo,” Ferret said, petting the animal to calm it down. He looked around again till he caught sight of a kid’s jump rope. He took it off the wall, tested its strength, then tied a large knot in the middle and set it on the floor near the door to the kitchen.

Ferret slipped the mini-sledge in his brief case and snapped it shut. He checked himself in the van’s outside rear-view mirror. He combed his hair, took a deep breath, shut his eyes, counted silently to ten. Assured that he looked no different from any other day of having just returned from the office, Ferret, checking once more that he had arranged everything as he had planned, entered gingerly into the kitchen.

Lynette was wrestling with the Cuisinart. Chopped carrots were spewn all over the counter.

Ferret kissed his wife on the cheek. “Hiya sweetie.”

She closed her eyes and smiled. “Hi honey. This darn machine confounds me. Can you figure out what I’m doing wrong? You’re late. Held up in traffic?”

Ferret placed the lid on the Cuisinart and turned it sharply until it snapped. “That’s the trick. Strength and force. Works every time. Yup. Ran into a traffic jam on River Road. Car broke down. Right in the middle of the lane.”

Cloris appeared.


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