物理世界的数学奇迹 by [英]格雷厄姆·法梅洛 [[英]格雷厄姆·法梅洛]

物理世界的数学奇迹 by [英]格雷厄姆·法梅洛 [[英]格雷厄姆·法梅洛]

Author:[英]格雷厄姆·法梅洛 [[英]格雷厄姆·法梅洛]
Language: zho
Format: epub
ISBN: 9787521719246
Publisher: 中信出版集团
Published: 2020-07-21T00:00:00+00:00


Hoddeson et al. (eds) (1997: 200)

The developments in this paragraph followed insights from Gross and Wilczek and, independently, Weinberg.

Close (2013: Chapter 9). As we saw in Chapter 5, Yang and Mills believed that the force-carrying particles in their gauge theory always have zero mass. Englert, Brout and Higgs proposed a mechanism that enabled the force-carrying particles in Yang-Mills field theories to acquire masses.

Interview with Peter Higgs, 1 November 2018. For a review of the history of the Standard Model: Higgs, P. W. ‘Maxwell’s Equations: The Tip of an Iceberg’, Newsletter of the James Clerk Maxwell Foundation,pp 1–2, No. 7 (Autumn 2016)


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