Blood of the Beast by M. Ward Leon

Blood of the Beast by M. Ward Leon

Author:M. Ward Leon
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Beacon Publishing Group

“His name is Angelo, Angelo Della Morte.”

“Angelo Della Morte? Very funny, Bill.” The man who gave Bill the shake turned to the other man in black and said, “Get the jumper cables, Bill’s jerking us around.”

"No, I swear on my mother's grave; it was Angelo Della Morte."

“Bill, your mother ain’t dead, but she will be if you’re fucking with us.”

“Hey, man, I’ll bet the airport’s got footage in the passenger receiving area. Look at the airport security footage; I ain’t lying, man. Check it out. Angelo Della Morte.”

“Okay, Bill, we’re going to check it out. But if you’re lying, I’m going to cut your nuts off and feed them to a dog.”

“Angelo Della Morte, you’ll see.”

“We’ll be back. Just sit tight.”

Bill watch them leave and shouted after them, “Funny, real funny.”

The two men left Bill all alone for what seemed like hours. He had fallen asleep and was startled when one of them entered the room.

"Well, Bill, it seems that you're telling the truth about Mr. Della Morte. Now, we want to know how it came to be that you were picking him up at the airport. And what did you do and say on your way to the zoo?"

“I got a call on my cell phone. I don’t usually answer numbers I don’t recognize, but this was from the same area code as my mothers, so I answered it.”


“My mother is seventy-eight, and I thought something might have happened to her, so I answered it.”

“Yeah, then what?”

“This guy asked me if I was Bill Flannigan, and I said, ‘Yeah.’ And he asked, ‘The same Bill Flannigan who works for the Atlanta zoo?’ and I said, ‘Yeah.’ And he said, ‘How would you like to make some major league money?’ and so I asked, ‘Who is this?’ And then he said to just shut up and listen, and that all I had to do is pick up this guy from the airport, drive him to the zoo, and let him into the reptile house after hours. Then I could make a half a million dollars and a one-way ticket to anywhere I wanted to go and disappear.”

"And that didn't set off any alarms, Bill?"

“Look, man, I make twelve-fifty an hour; I live in a shit hole of an apartment; I have zero social life, and some dude offers me a half a million bucks and a way outta here just to pick some guy up at the airport and let him into the zoo? Fuck alarms.”

“Why did you think he wanted access to the snake house?”

"I figured he was just one of those rich freaks who was probably a private collector and wanted one of the rare snakes that we had. I didn't ask; I figured the less I knew, the better."

“Bill, have you ever heard of Le Gang de la Clé de Singe?”

“Yeah, they’re that eco-terrorist group that’s been wreaking havoc and killing big-game hunters.”

“And what do you think of them?”

"They're okay, I guess. Some of those big-game hunters got what they deserve for going around and killing endangered animals, assholes.


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