Best in Show: The Galar Grand Championship by WanderingPigeon

Best in Show: The Galar Grand Championship by WanderingPigeon

Author:WanderingPigeon [wanderingpigeon]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fanworks, Explicit, Pocket Monsters | Pokemon - All Media Types, Sonia (Pokemon), Rurina | Nessa, Carnet | Diantha, Ruri "Rukko" | Yancy "Nancy", Haruka | May, Lutia | Lisia, Shirona | Cynthia, Hikari | Dawn, Lilie | Lillie (Pokemon), Lusamine (Pokemon), Araragi-hakase | Professor Aurea Juniper, Touko | Hilda, Mei | Rosa, Erika (Pokemon), Natsume | Sabrina, Yuuri | Gloria, Melon | Melony, Serena (Pokemon), Diapers, ABDL, Wetting, Messy, Bondage, Master/Pet, Public Humiliation, Pokemon Contests, Rape/Non-con Elements, Hypnotism, F/F, Rape/Non-Con
Publisher: Archive of Our Own
Published: 2022-12-25T00:00:00+00:00

Chapter 9

Somehow, at some point, Sonia had drifted off.

She got bad sleep, restless sleep. But it was sleep nonetheless. Come morning her eyelids fluttered awake. She saw Nessa’s feet in front of her. Groggy and groaning, Sonia barely craned her neck back. Nessa’s whole body came into view; the woman was pinching her nose shut, but she was smirking.

“Someone had an accident last night,” Nessa teased.

“Unh?” Sonia was starting to properly wake up. As she shifted, she felt a squish against her backside. Her whole body shuddered. A foul, stale odor raked against her nostrils. She knew what this was, but she still looked over at her backside to confirm it. “Aww, ewww!”

Nessa giggled at her misfortune, and she didn’t even know the half of it. Last night was coming back to Sonia, and the realization that the mess clinging to her backside wasn’t even hers was rattling.

“Get it off, get it off!” Sonia cried out, body shuddering in disgust. The stale stench made her want to vomit. The cold mush squishing against her was maddening. She felt a slight stinging sensation, like a burn, and realized right away what it was: a diaper rash. Or at least, the beginning of one.

“Now now,” Nessa tsked. “Is that how we ask for changies, Sonia?”

She winced. They were alone, did they have to do the baby routine? As much as Sonia hated it, she needed this filthy padding off of her.

“Please change my stinky diaper,” she said to the floor, lips twitching as she tried not to frown. Nessa responded with a pat, ruffling her hair.

“Atta girl. Such a good baby Pontya.” It took every drop of Sonia’s willpower not to bite that hand.

Nessa kept an old yoga mat resting on top of the kennel. Fetching it, she spread it out on the floor. Sonia already knew the routine, slinking over to it and lying down on her back. As her dirty padding squished, she cringed, body shaking.

Geeze, what did Diantha even eat? This couldn’t be a normal mess. The mush sloshing around in her pamps felt unnaturally large. To say nothing of the smell, the stench burning extra holes in her nose.

Nessa seemed unbothered by all of this. Well, not completely unbothered. Her nose still wrinkled as she opened Sonia’s padding, worsening the smell. But aside from that one–almost unnoticeable–tic, she was smiling to herself as she went about the change. It was the same as last night, and it baffled Sonia. How could someone actually enjoy stuff like this?

“Wow, you destroyed this thing,” Nessa remarked, balling up the diaper. Sonia whined. She knew Nessa was just trying to get a rise out of her, but she couldn’t help it. It only made her fixate on how this poop wasn’t her own.

Cold wipes cleaned her up, and finally that fixation was taken away. Though the memory would be stuck with her forever, Sonia was free from the mess. She was so relieved that she didn’t fidget as the new diaper assailed her hips.


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