Bad Penny (Smart Sexy Nerds, #1) by Jocelyn Adler

Bad Penny (Smart Sexy Nerds, #1) by Jocelyn Adler

Author:Jocelyn Adler
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: dominatrix, Domme, bisexual, nerd, bdsm
Publisher: Jocelyn Adler
Published: 2016-12-05T16:00:00+00:00

chapter five

After hanging up with Bruce, I talked with the receptionist about good places to buy sweaters, trying to avoid being alone. She was wearing a great black-and-white cardigan. But eventually, another person came to get help, lining up behind me, and I had to get out of her hair. I went outside to wait for Bruce.

As I stood outside and waited for my ride, I paced from the bench by the door to the edge of the curb and back again.

God, that was scary. Arturo wasn’t especially old, he was in decent shape, and he just...fell over. The doctor said he was clinically dead for those two minutes. Dead? I guess I’ve been lucky, because as rough as my job is sometimes, I’ve never had someone almost die on me before. Somehow the fact that it happened on its own, his body betraying him—that made it worse. I guess I was better prepared for violent tragedies than for medical ones.

As I paced, the fog gained weight and depth and became a faint, annoying drizzle.

“You too, Karl?” I said to the sky. Bruce called the city’s fog Karl—stealing the phrase from a local joke Twitter account. It was hard not to pick up the habit, especially in the winter. Karl the Fog was like the city’s pet, always creeping up when least wanted, and occasionally peeing on things. I kept talking, since I was alone out there. Just pacing, pacing. “I bet you’ve seen a lot of people die. It probably doesn’t get to you.”

Someone pulled up in a car, and I peered in their window—not for me. I reached into my pocket, and made a fist around my keys, like I always did when around strangers after dark. Another person emerged from the hospital and ran to the passenger side, with a sidelong glance at me. I probably looked like a mental...like a neuro-atypical patient.

I sighed and kept pacing.

A few minutes later, when Mike’s black BMW drove up, the rain was still in that obnoxious stage where it’s half-floating mist, and my pacing area was restricted to the covered walkway. Any wind blew the mist straight into me. I knew it was only in the upper fifties, it rarely gets below fifty degrees in San Francisco, but I felt cold.

The back window rolled down, and I saw Bruce’s dear face scrunch up at the weather. “Get in the front.”

The dork—he’d ridden the whole way here in the back so I could get shotgun. I ran for the car, even though I was already wet enough that speed wouldn’t make me stay any dryer.

Mike was driving, of course, and had the heater on, and was pointing his register at the passenger seat as I got in.

“Oh, thank you. I probably should have waited inside, but I hate hospitals.”

“Me, too,” Mike said, watching me drip on his leather seats. It didn’t seem to bother him.

“No one likes them,” Bruce added from the backseat, as I pulled on my seatbelt. “Are you okay? What happened? The club just called and said you’d gone to the hospital with a client.


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