The Statue Maker by Oliver Kennedy

The Statue Maker by Oliver Kennedy

Author:Oliver Kennedy
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: adventure, magic, dragons, wolves werewolves, forest magic, magic and fantasy

Albury was dead. Full of life and yet so macabre., they stood in the alleyways and the streets in a stillness that was the mirror of Alesven. Dogs who had barked their final bark, street traders who'd sold there last ware, buskers whose final note was a silent echo forever. The road there had been similar. Falk had never been as far out of his village as this. He'd often envisioned what it might be like to visit those places that the travellers talked of, he imagined Albury as it might have been just a few hours ago, he imagined the vibrancy and the laughter, the chorus of sounds that were the background music to the lives of the towns folk.

But there was not even a hint of it. Falk went into a tavern and sat on a rickety stool staring out in the the busy street that may as well have been empty and contemplated his next action. Falk thought that if this was what the wish of the statue maker was like then he prayed that he never saw one of his curses, then of course he realised that was the whole point, that was why it was drummed into them from such a young age, to steer clear of that place and His cold dark promises, to him a wish was the same as a curse. Maybe he wasn't really evil at all, to him these might actually be blessings, but then Falk shook that thought from his head, he'd stood in the presence of the statue maker, and of the many things he might and might not be, one thing was certain, he was evil.

Falk thought back to that day. Bereft of options the former sheep herder recalled the price that the statue maker demanded of Falk in return for his 'wish' as he called it.


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