The Stalin-Kaganovich Correspondence, 1931-36 by unknow

The Stalin-Kaganovich Correspondence, 1931-36 by unknow

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Kaganovich to Stalin

7 September

F. 558, op. 11, d. 741, ll. 27–35.

7 September [1933]

Greetings dear Comrade Stalin.

1) You know the story of how the Japanese detained the ship Aleksei Peshkov; to this day they have not returned it to us. Sokolnikov has sent in a draft protest. The draft is uncontroversial, but since Sokolnikov says that you advised him at one point to wait awhile, we are sending you the draft and ask you to let us know whether this is the right time to send it.1

2) I have already reported to you on Sakhatsky-Bratkovsky, right now I am sending you Comrade Katayama’s memorandum, sent in by Akulov, on the circumstances of Sakhatsky’s suicide.

3) Preobrazhensky has sent in an article entitled “The Agrarian Program of the Trotskyite Opposition Before the Court of History.” This article in my view will not do. The article could be taken as an apology for the Trotskyite agrarian program. He accepts the demagogic points of the Trotskyite platform at face value and fails to expose the hypocrisy and the complete gap between their words and deeds. In short the article shows that he has failed to understand his mistakes, although he is trying to understand them. It is a long article, I am not sending it to you right now, if you want, I will send it to you, but regardless of the article he is calling and waiting for some decision about it, evidently, he wants above all to get a job. Maybe we should give him a job at the PC of State Farms concerned with finance.2

4) The Ukrainians report that, according to their information, several members of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences—Galicians living in Lvov—want to demonstratively divest themselves of the title of members of the Ukrainian Academy. The Ukrainian comrades are raising the question of whether it would be expedient for us expel them ourselves from the Academy right now, without waiting. I think that is right, that is precisely what we should do. Please let me know your opinion.

5) Comrade Blagonravov came to see me, he thinks the situation at the PC of Transport is not very good, that there is no steadfastness in the drive to implement the decisions of the CC and Sovnarkom, etc. But his own mood is also depressed. I criticized him a little and told him that it is already time for him to drop the role of critic, that he is already responsible for everything, because he is already on a level with the people’s commissar. He also proposed that a “Railroad Day” be declared and held on behalf of the party—to achieve a turnaround in the implementation of the decisions of the CC and Sovnarkom. I scoffed at him about this Day, because I believe that the key right now is not to have a day of agitation but to conduct an organic, persistent struggle and work. Eventually he agreed and promised to get the work into shape. The condition of the track on the Moscow-Kursk Railroad is very grave.


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