The Power of Discipline by Raimon Samsó

The Power of Discipline by Raimon Samsó

Author:Raimon Samsó [Samsó, Raimon]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Ediciones Instituto Expertos

Run toward what you want, act. Throw your heart into what you love... and all your body and your life will follow.

Is it boldness? Yes, as much as it is to run at full speed toward an immovable and heavy plank that outweighs you and has no intention to move out of your way - you either jump over it or crash into it. That is what I am proposing: the courage to start running. Start flying. The rest are details that are out of your hands.

You may ask why life expects you to act and then allow yourself to flow... The answer is this: in a state of flow, you connect with your Essential Self, with the Source, with the Infinite Potential, and the wonder of wonders is activated: synchronicity (ordered chains of events which are highly significant). To help you understand this latest concept, I will tell you that it is the magic, working for you. Oh!

Everything changes when you discover the Great Truth:

Nothing is up to you.


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