The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy - I Link Therefore I Am by Luke Cuddy

The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy - I Link Therefore I Am by Luke Cuddy

Author:Luke Cuddy [Cuddy, Luke]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9780812696912
Publisher: Open Court Publishing
Published: 2008-11-25T05:00:00+00:00

In their discussion of the uncanny, Andrew Bennett and Nicholas Royle argue that the uncanny “has to do with a troubling of definitions” and with “making things uncertain: it has to do with the sense that things are not as they have come to appear through habit and familiarity, that they may challenge all rationality and logic.”42

In the opening sequence of Majora’s Mask, the representations of time used throughout the game (for example, the clock that appears at the bottom of the screen) have not yet appeared. The sense of urgency and the “moving forward” of time are directed by Link’s chasing after the Skull Kid, who has just pilfered his Ocarina. The uncanny moment comes in where the Skull Kid transforms Link into a Deku Scrub. The aesthetics of the scene are pervaded with hauntings and notions of the uncanny: darkness, the multiplicity of other Deku Scrubs surrounding Link, and a reflection of Link’s new Deku face. Although the Deku Scrub is clearly an unfamiliar bodily form for our hero, Link simultaneously maintains familiar parts of his appearance, such as the green cap. Shortly thereafter, the Skull Kid taunts Link by saying, “You’ll stay looking that way forever.” The Skull Kid’s remark uncannily plays on the double senses of “looking,” as both Link’s personal appearance and the act of looking or gazing upon an object.


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