The Eternal Machine: Take me to Iverbourne by Aelina Isaacs

The Eternal Machine: Take me to Iverbourne by Aelina Isaacs

Author:Aelina Isaacs [Isaacs, Aelina]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Aelina Isaacs
Published: 2021-09-30T16:00:00+00:00

The silver and gold moons are a welcoming sight after the day I had. I curl up on my bedroll laid out on a cozy patch of moss, still protected by the ancient circle around us. I watch the celestial beings dance across the sky together, followed by their capes of gemstones and diamonds.

What kind of magic would it take to touch the stars, feel the moons under my fingers?

I grip the vial in one hand, the other is clutched tight to Novak’s freckled fingers. I had fallen asleep in his arms right after his infamous line, and jolted awake mid scream a couple hours ago. Novak stayed awake with me, telling me stories about his favorite land, Borealis.

He tried so hard, but fell asleep midway through telling me about the musician’s halls there. His adorable snoring and the muffled screams of the Noxious are the only noise in the dark fog around us, until a rustling meets my ears.

I release Novak’s hand softly and clutch the dagger under my pillow. I sit up cautiously and scan the surroundings. Umber and Orion are still sleeping, but Alvis is missing. A dark figure rests on the cliff side nearby, beyond the stone circle protecting us from the shrill cries of the Noxious.

Orion had told me after we were safe what exactly the creatures were, something almost even worse than what I would imprison near The Pit. The ghosts of those who died on these lands in the war, unable to move on. Taking the form of your worst nightmare the moment you paid attention to it, feasting off your fear and life. No one knows how to cleanse the area, and so they remain.

I rise unsteadily and my ears flatten down at once when I leave the mossy circle, the intense screams overtaking my senses when I do. I near the cliff’s edge, dead wheat grass hiding the sound of my footsteps. Alvis doesn’t turn his head yet, a small orb of illuminated water hangs close by. I peek over his shoulder, entering what must be a sound shield as the Noxious screams die away.

“Can’t sleep?” I whisper into his charcoal tufted ear, my voice sending the parchment in his hands scattering when he jolts. A paper drifts into the air above and I catch it, glimpsing my own black and white eyes sketched onto the scrap.

“Are you trying to get thrown over the cliff side?” Alvis snarls, snatching the page back from me. The waves crashing below intrigue me, I have never been this close to the sea. On land anyway. Flying over in Captain’s airship is quite different.

“I’m sorry.” I mutter softly, rising from his shoulder to leave.

“Stay. You just,” he scratches at his neck, gesturing beside him, “surprised me. That’s all.” His tone softens and the orb grows in luminous intensity. With shaky legs I settle beside him, keeping close in case I tumble off. He shuffles papers into a neat stack on the other side, using his sword for a paperweight.


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