StarFire Dragons (Dragon Spawn Chronicles Book 1) by Dawn Ross

StarFire Dragons (Dragon Spawn Chronicles Book 1) by Dawn Ross

Author:Dawn Ross [Ross, Dawn]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2020-01-15T05:00:00+00:00


3790:260:02:48. “That is all.” The captain inclined his head to the three of them.

Bracht and Sengupta stood to leave.

“Sir, a private moment?” Hapker said to the captain.

The captain tilted his head again. Bracht and the director left.

“Yes, Commander?” Captain Arden said.

Hapker thought carefully about what he wanted to say. It had become apparent that the captain and the Rabnoshk warrior were close and he didn’t want to offend. “I’m wondering about Major Bracht, Sir. It’s obvious he doesn’t like the boy and I’m worried his prejudice may be rubbing off on the others.”

“I’ve known Bracht a long time,” the captain replied casually. “He may be outspoken in this room, but I assure you he is not one to instigate trouble.”

“It seemed he was trying to instigate trouble here,” he replied, careful to keep his tone from sounding accusatory.

“I understand your concern, Commander. I’ve spent a lot of time around warriors like Bracht and of other races. The manners you just saw the two of them display is a form of posturing and I believe they needed to do it in order to establish one another’s boundaries. You’d be surprised at how well two men who hate each other can get along once their posturing is done.”

“Hmm.” It made some sense.

“I also believe he is a good deterrent for anything the prince might be considering,” the captain said. “I’ve given this child our trust, but Bracht has helped established that our trust will not be taken advantage of.”

Hapker sat back in his chair. “I never thought if it that way.” He quickly replayed the scene in his head and saw Bracht differently this time around. The Rabnoshk warrior was harsh, but only at first. And same with the boy. Towards the end of this encounter, both appeared mollified.

“There’s something I’d like to ask you about, Commander,” the captain said.

“What is it, Sir?”

“What do you think of Rear Admiral Zimmer?”

He tensed at the name but hoped the captain hadn't noticed. “Uh … well.” The room seemed to suddenly shrink.

“It's alright, Commander,” the captain replied. “I realize the Kimpke incident left you with some unpleasant feelings, but putting that event aside, what is your honest opinion of the man? This is strictly between you and I.”

“I think he's an arrogant blowhard,” he replied bluntly. Captain Arden raised an eyebrow. I probably should have been more tactful. It was difficult, though. Every time someone mentioned the name Zimmer, he imagined them shaking a hornet’s nest. “I felt this way about him from the moment I met him, so my feelings are not entirely based on the fact that he nearly ended my career.”

“Your own actions nearly ended your career, Commander,” the captain replied.

Hapker’s anxiety spiked. Not once since the captain appointed him as his commander a few months ago had the man brought up the Kimpke incident. “I realize this, Sir, and I'm not trying to shift blame,” he replied more calmly than he felt. “I meant to say his method of command compelled me to the actions that nearly led to my dismissal from the PG-Force.


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