Star Wolf: A Space Opera Fantasy (Songs of Star & Winter Book 1) by L.A. Frederick

Star Wolf: A Space Opera Fantasy (Songs of Star & Winter Book 1) by L.A. Frederick

Author:L.A. Frederick [Frederick, L.A.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: L.A. Frederick
Published: 2020-05-31T22:00:00+00:00

THE FOLLOWING MORNING, having skulked back into the castle, Star Wolf took the Night Badger before his father. This time Sky, River, Ash and Bloodhound could not be kept outside.

‘I’m not surprised assassins were sent after you, after what you did on Tigris. You broke countless laws and vows, it’s a wonder the Council didn’t banish you to E—’ his father stopped short of finishing the word.

‘Earth,’ completed Ash, ‘one of your finest decisions to date.’ The veteran’s dissent to Sun knew no bounds, and yet Sun offered no rebuke, and nor did he demand Ash taken to a cell for the ruined uniform he sported. There was more to that story than Star had time to discover.

‘Quite,’ said Sun Wolf. ‘And you’ve involved a Badger I see. Why is a Badger here?’ the scorn and bark in his words left Star grinding his teeth.

‘I’m here to join the Wolves.’ The Night Badger scratched his chin. ‘No that’s not right. I’ve come to join your son, he’s right about the Tigers.

‘But you vouched for them?’ asked Sky, she shuffled closer to Star Wolf, turning to him for answers. He had none.

‘Oh, aye, I saw the Space Kraken, but it had been dead for months, perhaps a year.’

‘Why didn’t you speak up at the Council?’ demanded River, the trio of young Wolves barred teeth and growled. Ash and Sun Wolf and Bloodhound, however, gave knowing looks to the Night Badger.

‘Because I value my life, learn to pick your moments. Plus, the Winter Tiger has

spies everywhere, and I happened to be stood on a podium next to some of the greatest fighters in the galaxy...’ the Night Badger paused, walking along the line of young Wolves, ‘convenient no? Any of you fancy calling out the Winter Tiger stood next to the March Hare?’

No one answered.

‘No, perhaps the Scarlett Fox?’

Again silence. Ash shook his head.

‘No. How about Kodiak? He’d be a nice easy battle for someone like you,’ he said stood in front of River, prodding River in the chest, ‘you young Wolves need to smarten up and quick. You’ve blown your chance and now the galaxy is on its knees. Quite frankly I nearly didn’t come to rescue you.’

‘And why did you?’ asked Sky. Star Wolf had no words. He was soaking in the words and accepting them as truths, another creature aware of is naivety.


Everyone turned to Bloodhound who provided the answer.

‘Aye,’ agreed the Night Badger, ‘it’s all us old fighters have left. Good to see you Sea Mutt.’

The Dog and Badger nodded, a mutual respect, and amidst the House of Wolves no less. For a leader who preached equality and cross-species harmony, Sun Wolf appeared disgusted by the whole meeting. Seeing his father so at odds with his teachings gave Star his voice once more, his father was proving to be a terrible warning rather than a good example.

‘I wouldn’t say we’ve blown our chance,’ said Star Wolf.

All eyes darted to him, curiosity and hope etched on their faces, Ash smiled and nodded.


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