Spirit Taken by Rachael Rawlings

Spirit Taken by Rachael Rawlings

Author:Rachael Rawlings [Rawlings, Rachael]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2019-03-02T16:00:00+00:00

Melissa led them out of the basement and then shut and locked the door behind them.

“There would be no one else allowed down there until we know what we are dealing with.” Melissa’s face was rigid, her normally graceful movements abrupt and sharp.

Cilla agreed with the statement. She felt certain that whatever entity was in the house was squarely centered in the ancient cellar. And it made sense. If the spirit was a remnant from the construction that predated the house, perhaps there were bits of it that yet survived down there. There had to be something that the entity was clinging to.

Upstairs, Melissa beckoned them to follow her as she headed up into the corridor that stretched left and right from the central stairs. She had the keys out again, and Cilla realized that they were in for another interesting sign since Melissa had found it imperative to lock the door.

“Like I said, compared to what is going on, this isn’t as remarkable,” Melissa paused in the hallway. “But I believe this one means something.” She halted at the door to what Cilla knew was the master bedchamber. They had been through the rooms a few months before when they had explored the building. The spacious rooms had been practically devoid of any furniture besides a dilapidated old table, which still stood by the window, and a folding chair next to it.

“I hadn’t been in here for a few days, but I came up to look for whatever furniture I could find.” She gestured to the side wall with one hand. “This was here.” She didn’t walk any further into the room, her face a mixture of revulsion and nerves. “When I saw it, I left immediately and locked the door.”

The wall had seen better days, but the cream paint, although slightly grimy, was unmarked. Or at least it had been blank until someone had created a design, an array of slashes smeared with a dark red brown substance, that flowed at least three feet wide and just as tall.

“Is that?” Cilla felt her stomach churning as Paxton stepped in front of them, drawing close to the vandalized wall.

“It appears to be mud, mixed perhaps with clay.” He glanced back toward where the rest of them were still clustered in the doorway. “It is not blood,” he assured them.

Cilla was the next inside. She was stepping deliberately and lightly, her senses on high alert. Had this been done by human hands? Or was this another spiritual intervention? It was hard to say what she was hoping for. If there was a person responsible, then Melissa was dealing with some very strange and likely dangerous individual. And if it was the entity? That wasn’t reassuring either. Cilla felt certain that the mock skeleton in the cellar hadn’t been the work of human hands. Sure, it was conceivable that someone could form the structure of the body, to prop it up in the chair, to position it carefully in the cellar, but when and how? The effort it would take to construct such a thing would have been tremendous.


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