Second Act by Herkness Nancy

Second Act by Herkness Nancy

Author:Herkness, Nancy
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781503905337
Published: 2019-04-01T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter 14

Shareena and Cornell Adams stood in front of the clinic, peering hopefully at the sedan. Jessica swung her door open before the driver could get to it. “How’s Zora doing?”

Cornell lifted the cat carrier he held, from which loud meows issued. “She’s not bleeding so bad now, but she isn’t happy.”

“Her complaining’s got nothing to do with the stitches,” Shareena said. “She just hates being in that case. We probably should have kept her in there tonight, but you can hear how she feels about being shut up. I thought she’d just settle down and sleep with us on the bed, but she woke up and got to jumping around. I heard her and saw the blood and bruises on her little belly. I feel so bad about that.”

Cornell put his arm around his wife’s shoulders and gave them a squeeze. “You can’t stop Zora from being who she is, a high-energy little kitty.”

Hugh had come around the car to join the group. “This is Hugh Baker,” Jessica said. “Hugh, Shareena and Cornell Adams, the parents of our patient, Zora.”

“Pleased to meet you.” Hugh held out his hand, but it took a drawn-out moment for Shareena to stop staring long enough to shake it.

“You’re famous. From the spy movies,” she said before turning to her husband. “Cornell, you love those.”

“Sure do,” he said, releasing his wife to give Hugh’s hand a hearty shake. “I can’t wait for the next one. It’s been a while.”

“I’m pleased to hear that,” Hugh said. “I’m in New York because we’re shooting it right now.”

“I like them, too,” Shareena said, “but Cornell’s a real fanatic. He knows the dates they were released and everything.”

Jessica had been listening with half an ear as she unlocked the metal screen that stretched across the whole storefront of the clinic and stooped to lift it.

“Let me do that.” Hugh’s voice came from right behind her as he reached down to grip the handle. She stood back and admired the way his lean body straightened in one smooth motion, taking the heavy screen upward with him.

“Thanks,” she said, fitting the key into the front-door lock. “Okay, let’s get Zora stitched up again.” She flicked on the lights. “Hugh, can you grab the cat case and come with me? Shareena, Cornell, make yourselves comfortable.” That was a bit of a stretch, since her waiting area held a mishmash of donated chairs, some of them pretty flimsy. “You can make tea or coffee in the kitchen down the hall, if you’d like.”

“We’re good, Doc,” Cornell said. “We’re grateful you’d come in to take care of Zora in the middle of the night.”

“Of course,” Jessica said. “She’s my patient.”

She headed down the hall, hearing Hugh’s footsteps behind her, along with the cat’s continued vocalizations. She pointed to the door into the surgery room. “If you’d put Zora on the floor in there, I’ll grab us both some scrubs. Meet me in my office.”

Rummaging around in the supply closet, she pulled out her


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