SABRE by KC Kendricks

SABRE by KC Kendricks

Author:KC Kendricks [Kendricks, KC]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: contemporary gay fiction, contemporary cowboy, glbt romance, m/m romance, spy games, mystery, drama
Publisher: White Deer Enterprises/White Deer Books
Published: 2016-05-11T07:00:00+00:00


A man’s memories are both a blessing and curse. I “remembered” a normal childhood growing up in Rochester, New York. Lies, all of it. I doubted I’d ever actually been to Rochester.

I’d been born in this haunted place. This is where seven beings had been created. We’d been birthed by human mothers who had, apparently, left us in the care of who? Scientists? Terrorists? Criminals? What I knew of Melvin McCune said we were created to help whomever pulled his strings to slowly gain power over everyone.

I’d known McCune had an agenda for years - that wasn’t news. So why manipulate my memory? Absinthe - Joshua, I reminded myself - inferred he’d gotten away before they’d been able to perform a memory wipe on him. He remembered everything.

No wonder McCune wanted Absinthe eliminated. Absinthe could expose him and destroy his plans, him, and potentially a few higher up.

Joshua hugged me tighter, and then took a step back to look at me. “Are you okay, Sam? This is a lot to dump on you all at once.”

I touched his face with my fingertips, relearning his brow and cheekbones and the line of jaw. Why had I not recognized him?

“You’ve had just a touch of cosmetic surgery, haven’t you?”

“Broken cheekbone about five years ago. I asked the surgeon to make me look really hot while he did the repair.”

I cupped his chin and turned head to left, then the right, looking for a scar. There wasn’t any visible. “He did a good job. Let’s get out of here.”

“Taxi back to the hotel?”

We were on the outskirts of the city, but I needed a good walk to clear my head. I would think better if I was moving. “No. Let’s walk for a while. We can clarify a few things without anyone overhearing.”

Aware we could have been spotted entering the house, or even followed, we were cautious as we exited through the back door. The neighborhood seemed empty. Nothing stirred anywhere. It gave me the creeps, but it wasn’t fear that made me grasp his hand. His fingers laced with mine.

“Can you forgive me, Sam?”

“For what? Leaving? My memory is still a little fuzzy on a lot of things, but I’m glad you got away. At least now I know for sure why McCune wants you dead at all costs.”

“You know he set it up to look like I killed Milan.”

I squeezed his hand. “Yep. Wrong bottle. Whoever staged the crime scene bought cheap booze. I’m pretty sure my handler has instructions to eliminate you if I fail to do it.”

“It’s a logical assumption. We’re leaving tomorrow night. It’s time we take this to McCune and expose him.”

Twenty-four hours might give my handler, Nate the Asshole, time to find me, especially if Deborah had been compromised in some way.

“We should go now,” I replied. “Nate might get lucky.”

He grinned and guided our joined hands behind my back. “But I already have the tickets for tomorrow.”

“You’re very good at managing me, ‘darling’. You seem to have everything figured out.


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