Phoenix World: Beta Test Zone 5 by C.W. Dykes

Phoenix World: Beta Test Zone 5 by C.W. Dykes

Author:C.W. Dykes [Dykes, C.W.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2018-09-24T23:00:00+00:00

Bong! Bong! Bong!

Global Alert

The Goddess Minerva has returned to Phoenix World

Brought forth by the Commander of the Paladins of Light!

She is the Goddess of wisdom, magic, and war.

As I read the system message I saw a beautiful human woman appear before the Commander and she told him to rise, he rose at her command looking awestruck. She then looked at the rest of us, we all gave her a slight bow, and she gave her head the slightest nod to acknowledge us. Then Jove blinked into the room as well; The Commander knelt before him and the Goddess, Jove looked at us, we all greeted him.

“Jove spoke to Minerva and then turned to all of us and thanked us for completing this quest the way we did. He asked if we were ok?”

“We all said that we were fine and learning a lot.”

He nodded and took Minerva's hand in his, and the two of them blinked out of the cave, the Commander looked at us and asked “if that was Jove?”

“We said yep that was the boss.”

He still looked like he was in shock but he now had a lowing golden halo above his head, when I inspected (concentrate on an item and it would reveal information about that item) it I got the description that said: “Chosen one of Minerva, Lord Commander of the Paladins of Light.”

“The Commander said he had matters to attend to and then cast a portal and was gone.”

“Well, that was different from any dungeon I have ever run said Lucy!” Just then another system message popped up.

Hidden, unique quest

Help the Paladin Commander bring forth his Goddess into the Realm of Phoenix World

Reward, 500 gold, 10,000 XP

A choice of a loot item, you can only choose one item from the chest.

Luther, Albert and I all hit level 20 with all the XP we just received. Lucy and Bumpy both hit level 17. This dungeon was giving us double XP for each mob we killed so no wonder we were getting levels so fast.

What chest? The quest message said something about a chest. Just then a chest of Golden light appeared and the lid opened for us.

“I told Lucy to go first.” She looked into the chest and started to jump and scream. She then looked in and took a set of pauldrons out of the chest and put them on smiling and dancing the whole time. Luther was next, and he whooped and took a chest guard out and was reading the stats, Albert was next, and he took a set of pauldrons as well and sat down to study his reward. Bumpy was next, and he came away with a chestguard. It was my turn, and I looked into the chest and saw I had a choice of shoulders or pants. I took the shoulders, and the chest disappeared from the room. Looking at the stats on the shoulders showed me;

Jove’s Head Priest Set

Legendary, Soulbound, Shoulders

Can not be lost, stolen, or traded

Set of six


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