Otterly Irresistible: Boys of the Bayou Gone Wild by Erin Nicholas

Otterly Irresistible: Boys of the Bayou Gone Wild by Erin Nicholas

Author:Erin Nicholas
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781952280115


She stared at him. She hadn’t been expecting a compliment. She definitely took what he just said as a compliment. She knew that Griffin liked a few things about her. He certainly seemed to like kissing her. He definitely liked her mouth wrapped around his cock. And while he didn’t like all of her ideas for the petting zoo, she thought he did kind of like her little update videos she sent to their clients and that she’d gotten Fletcher to fill in on the otter talk rather than continuing to press Griffin for it.

“I wrote down everything she told me and everything I witnessed about her after the incident. Then, the next day I got on the elevator with him, stopped it just the way he had with her, backed him up into the corner, and told him if he ever went near her again, I would sneak into his house and cut his dick off with a rusty knife. He stammered and stuttered and said that he hadn’t meant to scare her or hurt her. Basically, I got a full confession out of him. And I had a recorder in my pocket. Which I gave to Isabelle to take to the cops.”

“Well done, Charlie,” Zander said. “That’s amazing. I don’t love that you were stuck on an elevator with the scumbag by yourself, but you handled it. I hope he was arrested.”

Charlie realized she’d been looking at Griffin the entire time she’d told that portion of the story. The intense blue of his eyes and swirling emotion there wouldn’t allow her to look away.

“He was taken in for questioning,” Charlie said. “But I’m not sure what else happened at that point. I was fired later that day because of the car.”

“His dad fired you even after hearing what he’d done to the intern?” Zeke asked.

Finally, Charlie glanced at her cousins. “The CEO is his mom. And yes, she did. She, of course, wanted to believe that what happened with him and the intern had been a misunderstanding. But even if not, she said that my lack of impulse control was concerning.”

Ellie snorted at that. “She was clearly already intimidated by your fire. You don’t need people like that in your life, girl. You need to be surrounded by people who love your passion and encourage it.”

Charlie caught her breath. That was something she’d been dealing with a lot of her life. She’d learned to manage her impulses to an extent and realized that a lot of the time, it was inappropriate to do and say exactly what she thought and felt. However, she very much appreciated her grandmother’s stance. It would be so nice to have a job where she could just be herself and do what she was moved to do.

Surprisingly, the petting zoo had already given her a taste of that. Everyone was going along with her ideas and plans—even if they were hesitant or didn’t want to be directly involved themselves. She cast another quick glance at Griffin.


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