Mistress of the Night by Dave Gross

Mistress of the Night by Dave Gross

Author:Dave Gross [Gross, Dave]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fantasy
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00


The corridor outside the winter chapel was wide and straight, and lit by old magic, crystals that burned silver with Selune's light. As she marched down the corridor—robe billowing around her, Julith at her side—Feena could imagine what a member of the New Moon Pact must have felt like: An avenger of Selune's faith, a defender racing to shield the innocent and unsuspecting...

Then a pair of acolytes stepped out from a side corridor, took one look at her, and fled in terror.

Julith shouted and started to leap after them, but Feena caught her arm and said, "Let them go."

"They'll go straight to a senior priestess. Everyone will know you've returned."

"They'll know soon enough anyway." She released the dark-haired priestess and kept going. That was the other side of the New Moon

Pact, she thought. Avengers and defenders—but feared by their own sisters.

She could understand that all too well.

Sounds of fresh confusion were starting to echo through Moonshadow Hall as they reached the end of the broad corridor. Feena wrenched open another pair of broad doors. Hot, muggy night air flooded into the corridor. The doors opened onto the cloisters. Directly in front of them, the full moon gate was a tall round arch, the central courtyard dark and empty beyond it. Feena stepped forward.

Julith gasped and said, "Feena, the gates—we can't enter the courtyard during a new moon!"

Feena paused on the threshold of the full moon gate-then stepped through. Nothing happened.

"Breaking a few traditions is the least of our worries, Julith."

She held out her hand. Julith swallowed, stepped through the gate, and took it. Hand in hand they walked to the center of the courtyard. When they stopped, Feena spoke a prayer. Moonlight rippled across the grass, pushing back the shadows.

Around the cloisters, Feena could see the pale faces and robes of Selune's clergy as they gathered to stare in awe and shock. They whispered between themselves, some still clutching funeral drapings and candles, others carrying feast platters and baskets of bread. Those few who were armed hovered around the gates, hands on maces, trying to decide whether they should enter the courtyard after the offending priestesses or not. Feena let go of Julith's hand and raised her arms.

"Mifano!" she shouted. "Velsinore! Your High Moonmistress summons you!"

New gasps burst out of the watching clergy. Feena repeated her call.

A door slammed open. Priestesses leaped aside as Velsinore appeared at the waning half moon gate. Her face was white with rage.

"Feena!" she spat almost incoherently. "Julith! The

traitors stand together. How dare you? You have no—"

"—no right?" Feena asked, lowering her arms. "I have every right. Fm one of Selune's priestesses. I'm the High Moonmistress of Moonshadow Hall. Who has a better right?"

"You're not the High Moonmistress!"

"With the High Moonmistress's passing, the Moonmistress-Designate takes her place."

"I think you gave up that title when you turned on Mother Dhauna," called Mifano. The silver-haired priest stood in another gate. The Waxing Crescent sword was in his hand, delicate blade burning with silver fire. His eyes were narrow.


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