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Microsoft Word - PenisHealth E-Book.doc by paul

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four or six weeks is enough to show you how much you’ve gained.

Don’t expect results to appear overnight. It may take a month or more for the first gains to show up. Just stay the course and you’ll reach your goal. The penis is tissue and not muscle, so whereas muscles are fast to grow in size as a response to a genuine need, the penis is simply tissue and it takes much longer to force tissue to expand.

If you’re interested in good results and safe enlargement, you could join a professional program of penis enlargement exercises. The best programs come with detailed

explanations, photos and videos in order to make sure that you perform the exercises correctly every time and will offer you a dedicated support team should you have

questions that need answering.

Penis enlargement routines are usually preceded and followed by warm up and down

sessions. It’s important that you do not skip these sessions. They help get your penis ready for a good workout and for the healing and rebuilding process that follows

exercises. Warm up sessions decrease the risk of injuries, while warming down helps the penis to heal faster.

You should also remember that there are no set routines. Feel free to experiment with the exercises and find out what works for you. Long time program members can tell you about their own routines and teach you what works best. All you need to do is ask for help and people won’t say no.

Veterans are always willing to share with beginners what they’ve learnt in months and years of penis enlargement. Experimentation and expert advice are the best way to

maximize your gains and help your penis enlarge faster. Just make sure you are always careful and not rushing into anything. Nobody wants injuries to spoil the party.

The next section contains the information that is the icing on the cake for this e-book. We will now explain to you how to correctly measure your penis and then we will show you some of the exercises that can get you started on the way to the bigger penis you desire!

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