Maiden Leap by C.M. Harris

Maiden Leap by C.M. Harris

Author:C.M. Harris [Harris, C.M.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fiction, Family Life, General, Small Town & Rural, lgbt
ISBN: 9781949290431
Google: 7ZyTzQEACAAJ
Publisher: Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company
Published: 2020-09-14T18:30:00+00:00



The Twin Cities


KATIE WATCHED THE prairie fly by and turn to asphalt of St. Paul, then concrete, then off-ramps, the spaghetti junction of interstates, storefronts, and finally the high-rises of Minneapolis.

“I can’t believe this is really happening.”

“Me neither,” Mark said from behind the wheel of his RX-7. “Wow. Why am I so nervous?” He took a swig from the fifth of vodka and passed it back to her.

Katie knocked back a long gulp then coughed.

Once in the nightclub, they debated the clever things they would say to the first person from their small town to rise to such a pinnacle as First Avenue—the very same stage on which the Great Purple One (Prince himself!) had risen to fame. Mark made use of his youthful good looks to flirt with an older man who bought them rail drink after rail drink. The energy of the crowd further heightened their anticipation.

When the Hypnogogs took the stage, Lucy looked petrified—painted blue by the lights, dwarfed by her bass guitar. She seemed electrocuted into place while the lead guitarist and singer strutted around in torn clothes, spiked hair, and makeup. When Lucy sang backup into the microphone, it was so off-key that Mark turned away, grimacing. But Katie kept on staring. She didn’t care; she was simply in awe that Lucy was living out her dream.

Mark and Katie did not stay for the main act and instead waited at the side door along the sidewalk for Lucy to emerge. There they leaned against a brick wall painted black with silver stars—in each star, a different band: Hüsker Dü, The Replacements, Soul Asylum, and Prince, of course. The Hypnogogs would get a star one day, didn’t Mark think? Maybe.

Eventually, the band poured out the door, eager to light up. The lead guitarist had his arm around Lucy, comforting her about her performance as she hid behind her dark, shaggy bangs. The two intermittently sniffled and wiped at their nostrils.

Lucy’s first look at Katie was one of alarm. And then a wincing smile.

Before Katie knew it, she was hugging Lucy tight. She smelled different, like a head shop.

Lucy pulled away politely as if Principal Juhl were still watching them, ready to expel her all over again. “Wow. Thanks for coming, guys.” She gave Mark a slapping hug, then lit a cigarette. She pulled on it wryly, more Bogart than Bacall, eyeing Katie’s too-new jeans and frilly shirt with a raised brow.

“You were so fantastic.” Katie could not contain her grin. She hoped it conveyed every single thing.

“Yeah,” Mark said. “It was great, Lucy.”

“Thanks.” She shrugged, cringing a bit. “Was a little nervous.”

“I baked you a cake!” Katie blurted. The sidewalk seemed to tilt at that moment.

Mark coughed and closed his eyes.

“Huh?” Lucy said, head cocked.

“For your birthday?” Katie’s belly cramped and a clammy fever swept across her.

“That was last week.”

“I know that, dummy. Chocolate cherry chip. Your favorite, remember?”

The other band members turned away, squeaking and snickering.

Lucy chuckled. “Well, where is it?”

“Oh. Well, I—I ate it.


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