Love Him Breathless by E M Lindsey

Love Him Breathless by E M Lindsey

Author:E M Lindsey [Lindsey, E M]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2020-05-30T16:00:00+00:00

Antoine debated about the Farmer’s Market as the sun started to sink low that Thursday. He was now in a holding pattern, waiting for his designer to settle on a template for the city website. It meant he had a lot of free time and no idea what to do with himself. He’d been steadfastly avoiding any place he might run into Fitz, and so far, it had been working. He took all of his meals at the Lodge, and he kept his nightly walks anywhere but the lake area.

But Antoine wasn’t the sort of person who could live cooped up, and by Thursday he was damn near crawling out of his skin. He knew he had to be an adult about this. He’d hooked up plenty of times before, so his moment with Fitz wasn’t out of the ordinary. He wasn’t in love with some guy who gave him a hate-fueled hand-job, and he didn’t think Fitz was beating himself up over it either.

He couldn’t avoid him forever, and Cherry Creek was too small to try. Rummaging through his things, he found a light button up and a pair of jeans, and rolled his sleeves to the elbow before grabbing his shoes. He passed by a mirror and gave himself a long look, wondering what other people saw in him.

He always thought Marcel wore their face better. He was more muscular from the yoga, two inches shorter, wore his hair long and always had at least three or four days of scruff on his chin. Antoine could never stand the itch of growing a beard and didn’t want the maintenance of letting his hair stay long.

He wasn’t a fussy guy. Yes, he liked designer, but he liked simplicity more. It was the one thing he and Marcel agreed on. But he never really felt at home in his skin the way his brother did. It probably had something to do with the yoga and spending most of his life learning his body intimately from the inside out. Antoine never had the patience for it. His brain wasn’t built that way.

His brother had tried to teach him to meditate, but he ended up making a long grocery list for a charcuterie board in his head while he was trying to clear his mind. And the worst part was, after that meditation session, he actually headed to the fromagerie and made one for himself while he binged reality TV.

He was a mess. Emotionally, mentally, physically. His ribs still ached, and every time he thought about Fitz, his heart felt like it wanted to beat out of his chest with a mixture of both rage and desire.

He was absolutely cursed.

He was going to be brave though. He swung by the ATM in the Lodge lobby and grabbed a handful of cash, then decided to make the walk into town rather than drive his car. He was jumpy at the cars passing by, his ribs still tingling at the ghost of impact from


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