Legends of the Age of Sigmar: Black Rift by Josh Reynolds

Legends of the Age of Sigmar: Black Rift by Josh Reynolds

Author:Josh Reynolds
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Published: 2016-04-01T22:00:00+00:00


Baron Aceteryx, former warden of the Scorian Bastion, held up his raw and glistening gauntlet, forestalling any sound or movement on the part of the warriors who crouched around him in the rain. Formerly warriors of the elite Scorian Guard, they had once been pledged to stand watch along the ancient bastion for which they’d been named. Now, like their master, they were pledged to the service of the Blood God.

Like him, too, they were all clad in oozing, scabrous armour, mystically crafted from the muscle and meat of their murdered kin. A sign of betrayal and godly favour, all in one. The armour wept blood, but was as hard as iron. They waited, spread out over the root-encrusted rooftop overlooking the square below, ignoring the pelting rain and the clutching growths which squirmed beneath them.

With the winged scouts of the foe distracted by Phastet and her savages, Aceteryx and his blood warriors had taken to the rooftops lining the Avenue of Ten Skulls. Here and now, in the Square of Four Fangs, they would strike and cut the Stormcast advance in two. More of his warriors crouched ready and waiting across the avenue for the signal to attack. But they would not wait for long. It had been too long since they had collected the skulls of the foe.

Aceteryx knew well how they felt. It had become a hunger in him. A need greater than any he’d ever experienced. It took all of his concentration to remain calm at moments like this. Then, he thought with bitter humour, I’ve never been one to take the cautious path. He rubbed his breastplate, smearing the blood with an unconscious gesture as he watched the Stormcasts troop past in formation.

Their column had spread out, with the vanguard moving ahead, and the bulk of the warriors marching more slowly behind. Berkut and the others would handle them. But this smaller force was his. It was moving to support those Stormcasts still battling Apademak’s cannibals farther back along the avenue. The foe had stretched themselves thin, hoping to maintain their momentum without abandoning their slower elements or endangering their control of the central thoroughfare. Not enough warriors, not enough time, he thought, in amusement. They were overconfident, or simply desperate.

Either way, they are our prey, Aceteryx thought, and smiled beneath his skull-faced helm. He reached up and stroked its contours – it had been his brother’s skull, and it was his brother’s scalp that adorned it as a crest. His brother had been prey as well. Weak, and fit only for the butcher’s block. All of his kin had been weak. Too weak to survive in a world fit only for predators. Eat or be eaten, he thought.

That was why he had done it, in the end. They had held out for so long, throwing back every invader who dared attempt to take the Scorian Bastion. Even as the lands the bastion had been built to protect flared out like dying campfires in


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