Lazy Dungeon Master: Volume 8 by Supana Onikage & Youta & Quof & K. “Kitty-tama” Jordan

Lazy Dungeon Master: Volume 8 by Supana Onikage & Youta & Quof & K. “Kitty-tama” Jordan

Author:Supana Onikage & Youta & Quof & K. “Kitty-tama” Jordan
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: J-Novel Club
Published: 2019-12-16T16:00:00+00:00

And so it arrived. The day of my duel with Isam.

“Heya, Isam. Did you get a good night’s rest? We’re all Beddhists here, so I don’t want to hear any excuses like you were too excited to get any sleep last night.”

“Hmph, I’m on top of the world right now. This duel is mine. And... I-I’m gonna make Ichika my wife!”

Ichika wasn’t the reward of the duel, but it seemed that Isam had already mentally concluded that “winning = Ichika wife.” Though to be fair, Isam winning would mean Ichika screwing with the results to make sure he won, so yeah. Maybe that wasn’t too wrong.

“A duel of lovers with a beautiful girl on the line! Who will the goddess of victory smile upon?! Hurry and place your bet before time’s up! One betting slip is ten coppers! Oh, and those voting for town chief, no more than five per person! Thank you, thank you!”

Calling yourself a beauty, Ichika? For shame. Not to mention that the only goddess of victory (i.e. judge) here is you. Though to be fair, Ichika was dressed up for the occasion so she really did look like a real beauty. She was wearing a dark blue dress purchased for this duel and had on a light covering of makeup, making her look as stunning as a young noblewoman.

“Ichika, might I have five slips? For Keima, of course.”

“Heya, Mai! You got it!” And indeed, when talking to a real noblewoman like Mai, Ichika looked like her older sister. Though she was casually selling gambling tickets while acting like her usual relaxed self.

Anyway, Isam came walking up to me before the battle while laughing.

“Hahaha! Seems like people only get to buy five tickets each for you, huh? Your crimes are finally catching up to you, villain!”

“Are you an idiot? Without that limit there’d be too many people betting on me for the event to function.”

“Huh...? W-Wait, really?!” Isam shouted loud enough for Ichika to hear, but she ignored him since she was busy selling tickets.

Get back to your spot already, man. You’re gonna get disqualified.

“Gonna start in thirty minutes, dudes! Ticket booth closes in twenty minutes! Oh, anyone who wants to bet on Isam, go talk to the High Priestess!”

“Thank yooou! We appreciate the donations, teehee!”

Uh, Ichika, she’s literally calling them donations. Are people just buying a smile from her for ten coppers?

And so, the duel began with a lot more fanfare than I thought it would. Oh, and to be clear, there were no rules except the time limit.


I had predicted that he would come at me swinging the moment he could.

“Nope. Get ’im, Kuro! And Ichika!” Niku and Ichika stood between me and Isam. It was for this exact reason that I had waited a decent distance away from the starting point.

“Wha?! You coward, don’t hide behind girls and kids! You’re even using Sor— uh, Ichika against me!”

“You fool! I wouldn’t have done this if you had just played nice and focused on exploring


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